At Mentone Educational, we aim to provide customers with a variety of anatomical models. We have detailed three-dimensional replicas, but also synthetic anatomical models from quality brands such as SynDaver. If you are not yet familiar with synthetic anatomical models, please read some of the examples below.


What Can You Tell Me About the Musculoskeletal Model (101400) from SynDaver?

The SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model gives an accurate representation of the major skeletal and muscular structures of the human anatomy. Naturally, this representation is quite different from the average anatomical model, since this model is a synthetic representation that makes the entire model more life-like.

A SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model includes all the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons of the human anatomy. It provides a good alternative for a genuine human cadaver, presenting a more accurate representation of live tissue than the dead tissue that is present on human cadavers.

The special material used to create the SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model has been developed over a period of twenty years. They mimic the properties of live tissue perfectly, making anatomical models look extremely realistic. Because of the realism of the models, SynDaver models are an excellent choice for student education and classroom demonstrations.

What Can You Tell Me About the SynDaver Patient (101500)?

Our SynDaver Patient was specifically designed for students, since this model provides a simulation that could resemble a patient in the emergency room or the battlefield.

The SynDaver Patient is provided with an open-source physiology engine; this means that teachers and educators can create their own scenarios for students, who can then practice for a variety of situations.

Some of the scenarios that are possible with the SynDaver Patient include hypovolemic shock scenario, shock scenario and the real-time blood loss scenario. Given these applications, SynDaver Models are extremely popular amongst surgeons, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

What Can You Tell Me About the Anatomy Arm (102300)?

The SynDaver anatomy arm is designed for a specific purpose, more specifically device development testing. To test new devices, SynDaver provides an education-grade skinless model with bones, articulating joints, muscles and the tendons.

To ensure this Anatomy Arm can be kept for a long time, the model comes with a special storage case. Customers can choose from various storage case options, so they can get a storage option that fits their specific situation.

Customers can also choose the material for the soft tissue that will be used to create the Anatomy Arm. Choices include silicone rubber composite or SynTissue skeletal muscle. Naturally, each of these materials has its own advantages, so be sure to enquire about these materials if you do not know which one is best for your purpose.

What Can You Tell Me About the Large Intestine Model (130400)?

Even organs can be replicated with a lot of realism thanks to the materials used by SynDaver. A good example of such a model is the Large Intestine mode. The organ features of this model include cecum, colon, rectum, anal canal and the appendix. The organ is also pre-loaded with artificial waste matter, adding to the realism of the model.

Where Can I Find More SynDaver Models?

There are countless SynDaver models at Mentone Educational; this ranges from full body models to individual body parts, organs and structures. To see a full overview of the SynDaver Models, please head over to the brands section on the main menu and select “SynDaver”.

Do you have a question about any of the SynDaver models available at Mentone Educational? Feel free to contact our team of customer representatives for additional information!