Airway Management Manikins

Airway management is a primary consideration in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine and first aid. Mentone Educational provides a range of advanced, realistic simulators providing a no-risk way for medical students to practice this high-priority skill. 



Why Choose Mentone Educational for All your Airway Needs?
Mentone Educational is pleased to offer a large number of different airway heads and manikins from a range of different manufacturers to suit all needs, budgets and training outcomes. Our airway trainers and intubation heads can range from the basic airway Larry which is manufactured by Nasco and at the basic level is focused on level 3 and 4 first air all the way up to the TruCorp range which is based on CT scans for the highest level of anatomically accuacy for anesathisasits training 
Which Brands do we stock?
  • Nasco - Nasco's flagship airway head is the Airway Larry which is an extremely durable airway manikin which comes in many variaitons. The most basic version is the airway head with and without being placed on a board. The Airway Larry however can be fitted with a torso or a full length body to practice the skills of CPR etc
  • TruCorp - The gold standard in airway heads the trucorp range are hand crafted in the UK and are the most anatomically accurate airway heads on the market. The airway heads are derived from real patient CT scans to mimic the highest level of anatomical accuracy available. The trucorp heads are availabe in the airsim, the airsim advanced and airsim combo bronchi. 
  • Sakamoto - Japanese manufactured models of high quality 
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Why Train with Airway Heads?
Our airway trainers providing anatomically correct landmarks including nasal cavity and have even have the ability to perform cricothyroidotomy over and over. 
Airway management is a crucial skill for an emergency practitioner to master. Failure to secure an adequate airway can quickly lead to death or disability. With numerous applications across a variety of disciplines, specialisations and individual procedures, understanding how to properly manage an individual’s airway is a versatile skill that every medical practitioner should have a deep understanding of. Our range of airway manikins make gaining this understanding more hands-on process, helping student doctors to practice the precise movements necessary to ensure that the process is successful. 
Helping first-responders and emergency practitioners develop critical skills
Our extensive collection of products helps medical students practice their skills in broad range of settings. In your career, you’ll be called upon to relieve airway obstruction in a range of patients of all sizes, ages and anatomies, so ensuring that you have a broad base of experience on a diversity of accurate simulators can be of great use.
In this category you’ll find airway manikins replicating the anatomy of infants, children and adult men and women. Sourced from a range of reputable manufacturers including TruCorp, Nasco, SynDaver. Medical students will have the chance to practice advanced airway management including direct and video laryngoscopy, diagnostic bronchoscopy and endo and naso tracheal tube insertion.
Supporting the development of Australia’s medical practitioners
Mentone Educational is dedicated to providing Australian healthcare and educational institutions with high-quality equipment, tools and supplies, ensuring that they can operate at their very best. Our airway management simulators are a great companion for our medical and nursing manikins, helping trainee doctors understand the skills that go into a successful procedure.
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