Intelligent Ultrasound

Medaphor -  Scantrainer/Heartworks /Bodyworks

Founded in 2004 with headquarters in Cardiff, UK and Georgia, USA, Medaphors guiding principle is to develop world-class ultrasound software and simulation technologies that will improve the quality and speed of ultrasound scanning in the clinical environment. Medapor pride's itself on it's innovative approach to technology and ability to offer the very latest in ultrasound software and hardware solutions for educational and clinical needs. Their team of talented software developers works closely with a clinical advisory group and customers to ensure they're at the forefront of technological advances and delivering on customer requirements.

Ultrasound Simulation & Training

Based in Cardiff, UK, this division focuses on hi-fidelity ultrasound education and training through simulation. State-of-the-art simulation products include ScanTrainer, the obstetrics, gynaecology and general medical ultrasound simulation system, HeartWorks, the echocardiography education system and BodyWorks, a simulator for Point of Care ultrasound education in emergency medicine and critical care.

Ultrasound Clinical Support

Based in Oxford, UK, this division focuses on developing AI algorithms to make ultrasound machines smarter and more accessible. ScanNav uses deep-learning based algorithms to automatically identify and grade ultrasound images to provide guidance, assessment and audit of obstetric scanning. NeedleGuide aims to simplify ultrasound-guided needling with AR needle guidance and automated needle tip tracking.
Mentone Educational is honoured to partner with Medaphor and offer their cutting edge simulation solutions to technicans and trainers across Australia.