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Are you looking for new medical first aid supplies for your clinic or a teaching environment? Read our useful guide to medical first aid supplies below before you make your purchase today.


Prestan Face Shields & Lung Bags

Prestan Face Shields & Lung Bags

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Prestan Manikins

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Basic Buddy Face Shields - Lung Bags - Insertion Tools
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CPR Prompt Face Shields & Lung Bags

CPR Prompt Face Shields & Lung Bags

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CPR Prompt

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First Aid Manual (10+ only $7.15 each)

First Aid Manual (10+ only $7.15 each)


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Lightweight Pitch-It™ IV Pole

Lightweight Pitch-It™ IV Pole

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Pitch-It™ SR IV Pole on Castors

Pitch-It™ SR IV Pole on Castors

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Find the Best Medical First Aid Supplies at Mentone Educational!

There is a big difference between first aid supplies used in a home and first aid supplies used in a medical or a teaching environment. Today, we cover the latter, more specifically medical first aid supplies.

What Are the Different Types of First Aid Medical Supplies Available?

There is a distinction between first aid medical supplies used in medical environments and those used in a training environment. Naturally, the first aid supplies used in medical environments are further subcategorised by the type of medical environment they are used in.

Medical first aid supplies used in a teaching environment are more straightforward, since they are all intended to train students. Since this is the more unknown range of medical first aid supplies, we will cover these in more detail today.

What Do I Need to Know About First Aid Medical Equipment?

First aid medical equipment is used in an educational environment for many reasons. It can be used in schools to teach students about CPR, but it could also be used to train employees to deal with certain medical emergencies.

A great example of vital first aid medical equipment is a training manikin. The training manikin can be used to practice CPR; this ranges from chest compressions to checking the airways and giving mouth-to-mouth. So, the training manikin is usually a vital piece of first aid medical equipment you will find in most educational environments.

What Should I Check to Make Sure My Medical First Aid Supplies Are Certified?

Obtaining certified medical first aid supplies is important, because improper equipment could lead to improper training! Therefore, it is vital to check who has created the medical first aid supplies and if this equipment is certified.

Mentone Educational only provides the best brands where medical first aid supplies are concerned. Our team is focussed on providing educators with well-known and established brands such as Prestan, which are certified and recognised by medical professionals.

Of course, educators do not have to take our word for it. To check a product in more detail, simply select the name of the product and head over to the product description page. You can also get independent information by looking up the equipment on the net.

What Should Be on My List for Necessary Medical First Aid Supplies?

Your essential medical first aid supplies will depend on what you will be teaching. Below, we have listed the essentials you will need for CPR training, but this list may vary depending on the type of first aid training you are providing.

A Realistic Manikin

One of the tools that is essential for training is a realistic manikin. The manikin must be made for CPR training; this means it must provide the ability to practice mouth-to-mouth, chest compressions, and abdominal presses (if required).

Lung Bags

To make the movements of the manikin’s torso a little more realistic during CPR training, educators can use the accompanying lung bags. The lung bag is inserted in the torso of the manikin, creating a more realistic up and down movement during CPR.

Most manikins have their own brand of lung bags. For example, if you buy a manikin from the Prestan brand, you will find accompanying Prestan lung bags. To ensure maximum functionality, please match lung bags of the same brand to the manikin.

Face Shields

The last essential you will need for CPR training is the face shield. Face shields keep the mouth of the manikin hygienic, which is a requirement when training is provided to multiple students.

Before a student uses the manikin, you can apply a face shield on the manikin, which attaches around the ears. Once a new student tries CPR, you can simply replace the face shield for optimal hygiene.

Where Can I Find Cheap Medical First Aid Supplies Online?

If you are looking for the most affordable medical first aid supplies, you are in the right place! Mentone Educational provides medical first aid supplies from the finest brands for the best prices, so you will not find better in any other store!

Do you want to test the medical first aid supplies in person before you make a purchase for your classroom or your clinic? Customers can always stop by at the Mentone Educational showroom, where you can view medical first aid supplies in person.

Don’t have the time to stop by at the Mentone Educational showroom? Why not contact the Mentone Educational team via email, telephone, or instant messaging? Our team will be more than happy to provide you with any information or additional details you may need about our medical first aid supplies.