Injection Simulators and Practice IV Kits

Instruct your students and trainees in one of the most fundamental areas of medical practice effectively and accurately. Mentone Educational offers a variety of simulators for the practice of injection, cannulation and inoculation. Intravenous, intramuscular, intradermal, and subcutaneous – our injection simulators teach it all.


Advanced Multi IV & Injection Training Arm

Advanced Multi IV & Injection Training Arm

SKU: LF01271

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$1,894.75 inc GST

Demo Dose® Inject-Ed Pad 3"

Demo Dose® Inject-Ed Pad 3"

SKU: PN01195U
Pocket Nurse

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$69.74 inc GST

What kinds of injection simulators and practice kits does Mentone Educational stock?

Injection sites covered in our simulators include the arms, shoulders, buttocks, and spinal (epidural space). Anatomically correct vein networks are present in our IV Access and Injection Simulator range, and include vein such as: basilic, cephalic, digital, dorsal metacarpal, median basilic, accessory cephalic, long saphenous, short saphenous, and dorsal venous arch.

Many of our IV Access and Injection Simulators come with either a manual or automatic pump to simulate blood flow through the veins. Artificial blood flow through the vein networks increases the realism of the skills being taught and provides a level of feedback in terms of the flashback of blood when practicing cannulation for example.

We can also provide advanced models equipped with lights and sensors, giving your students real-time feedback on depth and location. Our injection training arms and IV arm simulators get your students accustomed to setting up drips, ensuring that they have the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the work environment.. Give your students the best education possible with the selection of highly-realistic simulators from our store.

Our injection training arms and IV Access and Simulators are high-quality products sourced from trusted medical simulation manufacturers from around the world, including Nasco (Life/form and Simulaids), 3B Scientific, Sakamoto, Health Edco, and Erler-Zimmer. Mentone Educational believes in making simulation training accessible and affordable to everyone and as such, offers some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. As you browse through our range, find out how you can fully equip your simulation centres and teaching lab environments with injection training arms and IV Access Simulators, practice kits and task trainers from our range.

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