Ultrasounds are a common occurrence in the medical world, and contrary to popular belief, they are used for much more than just checking up on the health and development of a growing and developing baby. Below, you can find an overview of the ultrasound models available at Mentone Educational. So, if you need a specific ultrasound model for your clinic or classroom, be sure to check out the information our team has provided.


What Is the First Ultrasound Model Available at Mentone Educational?

The first ultrasound simulator that is popular at Mentone Educational is the “Guamard Breast Phantom Simulator”. The simulator includes a left and a right breast, attached to a torso for realism. Naturally, this type of simulator is used for ultrasounds of the female breasts.

Our “Guamard Breast Phantom Simulator” is extremely interactive. Both breasts can be removed from the torso; this enables easier assembly and disassembly. The breasts on this simulator are used to detect both cysts and dense masses, an ultrasound procedure that is commonly executed at hospitals and doctor surgeries.

With the “Guamard Breast Phantom Simulator”, students can identify cysts and masses. It can also be used for the training of needle aspiration and needle biopsies. So, this simulator from our ultrasound models catalogue has a countless number of applications.

What Is the Second Ultrasound Model Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational does not solely provide ultrasound models to simulate an ultrasound on human patients, our catalogue also includes ultrasound models for veterinarians in training.

One of the models that simulates an ultrasound on animals is the “Basic Canine Abdominal Ultrasound Trainer”. The ultrasound model simulates the abdomen of a canine, incorporating numerous geometric shapes for added realism and structural recognition. The ultrasound simulator is also accompanied by its own storage case; this enables you to keep the simulator safe when it is not being used.

What Is the Third Ultrasound Model Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational provides ultrasound models that can be used to train numerous techniques at the same time. One of these ultrasound models is the “Paracentesis Trainer”, a lifelike platform that encourages guided paracentesis procedures.

With the “Paracentesis Trainer” from our ultrasound range, students can train in ultrasound guidance, fluid aspiration, catheterization, needle placement, and antiseptic applications. Thus, this model from our ultrasound catalogue is used in a variety of educational settings.

The “Paracentesis Trainer” from Mentone Educational consists of a foam figure with a special paracentesis insert and matching overlay. The trainer also comes with a storage case, so educators can store the components safely when the simulator is not being used.

Educators can provide instructions with the “Paracentesis Trainer” in numerous educational settings, so compatibility with imaging equipment was necessary for this model. When you choose this paracentesis simulator, you can count on compatibility with most imaging equipment; this includes the ultrasound, MRI, CT, X-ray, and other similar equipment. The simulator is also suitable for catheters, needles, and syringes.

What Is the Fourth Ultrasound Model Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational provides some affordable ultrasound trainers too; this is often recommended for educators who need to acquire a large range of simulators for their classroom with a limited budget.

One of the affordable simulators available for ultrasound training is the “SONOtrain Breast Model with Tumours”. The “SONOtrain Breast Model with Tumours” provides educators with a realistic representation of the female breast. It is made from suitable ultrasound material, which makes ultrasound demonstration on the breast possible.

Our “SONOtrain Breast Model with Tumours” contains three tumours, which can be detected during the ultrasound demonstration. However, this ultrasound model has additional functions too. It can be used for the execution of palpations as well as injections; this through the realistic look and feel of the breast simulator.

When you choose the “SONOtrain Breast Model with Tumours”, you can teach students much more than just how to operate an ultrasound on the breasts. In addition to basic ultrasound training, it also enables students to master their dexterity and their hand-eye coordination skills.

Customers who need more affordable ultrasound trainers can find a bunch of extra options from SONOtrain at Mentone Educational. In addition to this breast model, you can also find a foreign body model, gallbladder model, and many others. So, if budget is an issue, Mentone Educational has you covered.

Where Can I Find More Ultrasound Models?

On this page, you can find the best ultrasound models from Mentone Educational. From ultrasound venepuncture training to full body ultrasound simulators, you can find it all in our catalogue. Check out the online range today to find more options!

Do you need more information about one of our ultrasound simulators? For more information about any educational tools or equipment, do not hesitate to contact the Mentone Educational team via chat, email, or telephone.