Nursing and Midwifery Skills Manikins

Mentone Educational is proud to offer a wide range of patient care manikins that are suitable for scenario-based training of primary patient care and advanced nursing skills. Our high-quality products are produced by respected and reliable simulation equipment manufacturers including ESP, Health Edco, Sakamoto, CLA (Somso), Nasco and 3B Scientific. These patient care manikins are used for all levels of nursing and midwifery training as they are of the highest professional quality and are exceptionally realistic, allowing users to meet clinical nursing competencies with ease. 


Digital Ear Examination Trainer - Light

Digital Ear Examination Trainer - Light

SKU: SB52823

$7,821.00 ex GST
$8,603.10 inc GST

Digital Eye Examination/Retinopathy Trainer

Digital Eye Examination/Retinopathy Trainer

SKU: SB51006UG

$6,851.04 ex GST
$7,536.14 inc GST

Gaumard- Clinical Chloe Patient Care Simulator

Gaumard- Clinical Chloe Patient Care Simulator

SKU: SB20144U

$2,937.80 ex GST
$3,231.58 inc GST

Geriatric IV Training Arm

Geriatric IV Training Arm

SKU: 140-610

$1,644.11 ex GST
$1,808.52 inc GST

Life/form 15-Lead ECG Placement Trainer

Life/form 15-Lead ECG Placement Trainer

SKU: LF01300U

$8,898.32 ex GST
$9,788.15 inc GST

NG Tube Trainer

NG Tube Trainer

SKU: 160-8551

$258.21 ex GST
$284.03 inc GST

Nursing Care Wound Kit for GERi™/KERi™ Nursing Manikins

Nursing Care Wound Kit for GERi™/KERi™ Nursing Man

SKU: 800-650UG

$4,108.50 ex GST
$4,519.35 inc GST

We stock ranges from Nasco including the Geri nursing skills manikin which is the only skills manikin which is specifically designed for elderly care and nursing skills. The Geri includes multuple injection sites, decubitus, enema administration and also ausculatation management. Mentone also stocks the advanced patient care manikin from 3B scientific which is widely used across multuple Universities and Hospitals in Australia.

What is a Patient Care Manikin?

Patient care manikins are models that simulate real, life-size patients. They provide users with the unique opportunity to develop proficiency in core clinical skills with lifelike patients. These include patient and personal care, medical care and specialised nursing skills.

They can be purchased as a whole body manikin with flexible, natural movement in the limbs and torso, or as individualised limbs or organs. All patient care manikins are made of durable, water-resistant materials for longevity through examinations and training procedures.

Types of Patient Care Manikins

At Mentone Educational, you will find an extensive range of patient care manikins for sale, including both basic and advanced models. When you buy simulation equipment from Mentone Educational, you are buying a high-quality product that can be used at every level and in every field of medicine. These are suitable for all medical, nursing and midwifery students and any health professional looking for training opportunities in specialised clinical care. Mentone Educational offers competitive pricing, ensuring every individual can access a practical and reliable patient care manikin.


Basic patient care manikins allow users to train on all basic clinical nursing and patient care skills and competencies. They are designed to provide specific, scenario-based training to manage a wide range of clinical complications for patients across a number of health care environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

These include:

  • Patient and Personal Care, for example, patient transfer, bed care, personal hygiene, wound care and communication skills
  • Medical Care, for example, prevention and management of pressure injuries, respiratory illness or infection, oxygen treatment, tracheostomy care, colostomy care, eye and ear irrigation and injections and infusions


Advanced patient care manikins provide the same scenario-based training of basic patient care manikins, with the benefit of offering additional, advanced training features for nursing, clinical and emergency care.

These include:

  • Enema administration
  • Male and female catheterization
  • Gastric irrigation
  • Irrigation of the bladder and vagina

patient care manikins used in training

Which Type is Most Suitable?

Our high-quality products are available to buy in a number of different types and at several different prices.

Basic patient care models are recommended for all clinical, nursing and midwifery students as they provide realistic, scenario-based training for a comprehensive list of core clinical skills. They have a lifelike physical appearance and complete range of motion for realistic patient positioning.

Advanced patient care models are recommended for individuals who require further training in specialised nursing techniques.

Leading Brands We Stock

  • Sakamoto – Sakamoto offers premium Japanese quality medical phantoms and skills trainers. Their unique style offers the ability to bathe the manikins without the risk of rust. Sakamoto are constantly pushing their range of medical phantoms and patient care manikins to be the most realistic on the market
  • CLA (Somso) - The range of nursing dolls and medical phantoms developed by CLA. The high technical standard attained by these models is a result of decades of experience and intensive dialogue with medical and nursing clinicians and academics, and is recognised throughout the world. Both the nursing dolls and medical phantoms meet a wide range of teaching needs. Without exception, these products are individually handmade by craftsmen in Coburg Germany
  • Nasco / Simulaids – Owned and operated out of the US Nasco are the cutting edge of patient care simualtors. With their Geri and Keri range these products are used widely across nursing schools, Tafes and aged care facilities.
  • 3B Scientific - The international group of companies 3B Scientific specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of didactic material for scientific, medical and patient education. 3B Scientific continues to operate and manufacture in Germany. In medical training, simulators are used to teach students the skills they need to be prepared for real cases. These simulators must be as close to reality as possible, be of excellent quality, and economical in long-term use. 3B Scientific’s range of manikins and other simulators are manufactured to meet all of these standards and training needs. 

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