Casualty Simulation

Creating a simulation teaching environment for trauma requires the material to make it look realisitic. At Mentone Educational, we stock a variety of makeup, blood and trauma kits to serve the purpose in vivid colour. Discover the benefits of these kits below and determine if they are the right fit for your class.


Could Mentone Educational’s Casualty Simulation Kits Provide Better Training?

The realism of casualty simulation equipment can prepare first responders and other professionals who require medical training to be better prepared for emergency situations. Sometimes the shock of an actual casualty situation can throw even the best students off track. 

What Is Included in a Casualty Simulation Kit?

Contents of a casualty simulation kit may vary since there are various casualty simulation kits available nowadays. In our basic casualty simulation kit, educators can find moulages and countless makeup accessories.

The moulages inside our casualty simulation kit include assorted stick-on lacerations, open fracture wounds, a tibia with compound fracture (incl. reservoir and pump assembly), coagulant blood, and simulated blood powder. This gives educators plenty to provide a more realistic casualty simulation.

As mentioned briefly already, the basic casualty simulation kit also contains makeup accessories; this includes atomizer mist sprayer, adhesive for the stick-on wounds, casualty simulation wax, grease pain colours (white, blue, brown, and red), methyl cellulose for blood thickening, broken glass, spatulas, and tongue depressors. Naturally, these makeup accessories also contribute to the realism of the simulation.

Please note that Mentone Educational provides more advanced casualty simulation kits. So, if you need something even more extensive than our basic kit, be sure to check out the other options in our catalogue.

What Do These Kits Assist with in First Aid Training?

It is not uncommon for first aid trainees and even people with a first aid degree to freeze when they encounter their first emergency. When you use a casualty simulation kit, you can mimic some of the shocking situations people could find themselves in. Naturally, this could prepare any student better for a genuine emergency.

Of course, there are more benefits to the casualty simulation kit. Not only does it provide better preparation for emergencies, it could make the difference where treatment is concerned too. For example, the fractured tibia could provide first aid students with better insight on how to handle an actual fractured tibia in the future.

There are countless other applications for the casualty simulation kit, many of which you have already thought of. However, if you would like more possible applications for this kit, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

What Is Included in a Trauma Moulage Kit?

The trauma moulage kit at Mentone Educational contains various bleeding moulages, which can be applied to a CPR manikin or a trauma manikin. The kit includes compound fractures, contusions, lacerations, evisceration, sucking chest wound, impalement, crushed foot, jaw wound, projectile entry and exit of the arm, and more.

This kit also includes a pump assembly and simulated blood. The kit also provides non-bleeding strap-on wounds such as 2nd and 3rd degree burns of the chest, back, forearm, and face. So, this kit provides a full simulation in combination with a manikin.

Why Can a Trauma Moulage Kit Assist with Training?

A trauma moulage kit from Mentone Educational can help students to quickly identify and diagnose wounds. It also provides better training where the dressing of wounds is concerned. Therefore, the trauma moulage kit can be used for various training purposes.

Where Can You Purchase Casualty Simulation Products Online?

Mentone Educational is the number one supplier of casualty simulation products. Through our online catalogue, educators can purchase all our casualty simulation equipment; this ranges from realistic makeup products, casualty simulation, and EMT casualty simulation kits.

To purchase any of our casualty simulation equipment online, simply add the desired product or products to your shopping cart. Then, head over to the checkout window and enter your delivery address and payment options to place your order.

Of course, there are many customers who prefer to see our casualty simulation equipment in person. These customers can visit our showroom, which has all our casualty simulation equipment ready for viewing. You can also request a viewing or a demonstration from our team of representatives.

Mentone Educational does not limit itself to supplying casualty simulation kits, we also provide a large range of medical equipment, charts and posters, health education equipment, anatomy models and much more. So, be sure to check out the remainder of our catalogue to discover all the options for education.

At Mentone Educational, medical professionals will also find medical supplies they can use on the job. Available medical equipment includes quality stethoscopes from brands such as Littmann and the American Diagnostics Corporation, but also goniometers, spirometers, blood pressure equipment and loads more.

To get a full overview of everything available at Mentone Educational, please check out our online catalogue. Naturally, you can also get familiar with our range by visiting the Mentone Educational showroom.