Pregnancy and birth

Anatomical models relating to pregnancy and birth are commonly used by doctors and gynaecologists for patient education. It is also a popular tool in medical school; this for the education of gynaecologists, midwifes and similar medical professionals. To learn more about the anatomical models related to pregnancy and birth, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.


Does Mentone Educational Have Anatomical Models for Nursing Education?

If you are searching for an anatomical model for nursing education, you could consider the Foetal Doll Model for Nursing Education. The model provides medical professionals with an accurate representation of an average-sized baby. The doll is also flexible, which makes it easier to use for presentations and demonstrations.

The Foetal Doll Model for Nursing Education is available in two versions at Mentone Educational. Our first option is the Foetal Doll, while the second option is the Foetal Doll with Cord & Placenta. Either of these two options is suitable for teaching several aspects of the birthing process, so the final choice comes down to the preferences of the medical professional or educator.

Does Mentone Educational Offer Detailed Anatomical Models of the Female Genital Organs During Pregnancy?

Since the body changes during pregnancy, it can help to have a visual representation of those changes for patient education. Medical professionals who need a representation of the female organs during pregnancy could consider our Interchangeable Female Genital Organs with a 10-Week Old Model.

The Interchangeable Female Genital Organs with a 10-Week Old Model provides a detailed anatomy of the external and internal genital organs. It provides a detailed ventral and dorsal view through a median section, which makes it an excellent tool for students to learn about the female anatomy.

To ensure maximum durability for this model, it is made from the durable SOMSO-Plast material. The model can also be separated in several parts; this means that the female organs can be removed from the anatomical model.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Any Models of the Fertilisation Process?

There are several anatomical models that provide a representation of the fertilisation process. One of these models is the Stages of Fertilisation and of the Embryo (L01). The model provides a clear overview of fertilisation during ovulation and has been enlarged for easier demonstration.

With the Stages of Fertilisation and of the Embryo Model, medical professionals can show how to ovum matures. It also shows how the ovulation and fertilisation occur, followed by the development of the fertilised ovum.

In addition to this model, we can also recommend the Anatomical Pregnancy Series Model (L10_). This set includes a series of eight anatomical models, which show each of the stages of foetal development. They also display some of the common positions; this includes the transverse position, breech position and normal position.

The Anatomical Pregnancy Series Model is a good choice for midwifes in training, but also other medical professionals that will work with pregnant women. They can also be used as a patient education tool.

What Other Anatomical Models Relating to Birth and Pregnancies Are Available at Mentone Educational?

We only touched the surface of the anatomical models we have available for midwifes and medical professionals. If you want to discover more anatomical models relating to pregnancy and birth, please visit our dedicated “pregnancy and birth” section under the “human anatomy models” category.

Mentone Educational also provides other tools and aids for patient and student education. So, if you want to discover more options that may be of use for your classroom or surgery, please head over to our main range to uncover more exquisite products.