About Us

Mentone Educational Centre started selling medical teaching aids in 1979 and now stocks the largest range of anatomical models and charts in Australia.

Medical, physiotherapy and chiropractic professionals use our products as aids for patient education. We also provide a range of simulators used by nurses in their practical training. The science departments in secondary and tertiary schools around Australia also find our products and training aids invaluable.

Mentone Educational has continued to source new products to help train and educate in our schools, medical institutions and practices. We specialise in Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Health Education, Theatrical Resources, Storage Resources and Technology materials.

What makes Mentone Educational stand out is the personal service we provide. We care for all of our customers and try to help them to the best of our ability. Each member of staff is responsible for a particular product range, ensuring good product knowledge. We maintain stock levels of all popular items and endeavour to stock only quality products. The personal service, our extensive product range and our staff's excellent product knowledge will impress you.

Mentone Educational Centre is an organisation with plenty of history. Our company has been selling medical teaching aids since 1979 and we are now the largest supplier of anatomical models and charts. A variety of medical professionals and medical students use our models and charts.

Aids for Medical Professionals

The goal of Mentone Educational Centre is providing medical professionals with the best tools for patient education. Medical professionals that use our products include physiotherapists, general practitioners, nurses, gynaecologists and other professionals that may need an aid to explain a condition or a medical procedure to the patient.

Simulators for Nurses

In addition to providing charts and accurate anatomic models to doctors, Mentone Educational Centre also offers a wide range of simulators. These simulators are used by nurses for practical training, enabling them to be fully prepared for a variety of real-life situations during the execution of their job.

Training Aids for Schools and Other Educational Institutions

The training of a doctor, nurse or other medical professional receives during his or her education is extremely important, since this determines how the professional will do on the job once graduated. At Mentone Educational Centre, we create new products to help train and educate medical professionals, ensuring they get the best preparation for their future job.

Mentone Educational Centre provides many aids for professionals, but we specialise in human anatomy, human physiology, health education, theatrical resources, storage resources and technology materials. Naturally, these tools or aids are of most benefit to medical professionals or future medical professionals in training.

Personal Service for Individuals and Educational Institutions

At Mentone Education Centre, we treat each of our clients as an individual. The individual service we provide is valuable, but also indispensable when you consider the sensitive and vital nature of the Australian healthcare system.

To provide clients with the best possible service, we tailor our solutions, aids and tools to meet their needs. Of course, this requires a huge amount of resources and staff, so Mentone Educational Centre has dedicated staff for each product range. This does not only provide benefits where the provision of our aids and tools is concerned, but also benefits for clients who want to rely on our know-how and knowledge.

Good Stock Management

When you need our products quickly, the last thing you want to encounter is your required item being out of stock. To guarantee our clients never encounter this problem, we have a dedicated team to ensure good stock levels for all our popular products.

Of course, not only the amount of stock matters, because the quality of our products is important too. To maximise the product quality of products, tools and aids for medical professionals and educational institutions, all our products are subject to rigorous quality control. Low-quality items will not be added to our range, so clients can put their trust in our experience, knowledge and our dedication to superior quality.

Staying on Top of the Industry

The medical world is constantly evolving; this means that training can change for medical professionals. You will not find any outdated material at Mentone Educational though, because we aim to stay on top of the industry by keeping our range up-to-date.

An additional benefit of choosing Mentone Educational is the personal approach we offer. We do not provide generalised solutions and products, but individual and tailored solutions and products that match you, your professional or the people you are trying to educate. Therefore, you can count on the latest educational tools, but also on our dedication to provide individual solutions.

Health Education

Educating the community about health is extremely important. To ensure that you can educate your intended audience accurately, we have an entire range of health education products. These health education products could be used to encourage young people to be more active, but also to make physical education classes or retreats more health-conscious.

Naturally, schools and colleges are not the only institutions that could benefit from health educations. Even individuals who are focussed on making health a priority in their community could benefit from the products in our health education range.

Contacting Mentone Educational

Do you have a question about our extensive range of charts, anatomical models or other products? Would you like some personal assistance during product selection? Feel free to contact our experienced team for more information. Our team can always assist over the telephone, but we can also provide more information via email if required.