Rescue Manikins

Designed to emulate the feeling of a person during a real-life rescue situation. These rescue manikins are available in variable weights to allow you to simulate saving people of different ages and weights. Produced to the most exacting quality standards and replicate the weight and feeling of a real person, these models are suitable for wet and dry simulation.


Flexible Rescue Randy 28kg

Flexible Rescue Randy 28kg

SKU: 100-2710

$2,684.29 ex GST
$2,952.72 inc GST

Rugged Rescue Randy - 75kg/165 cm

Rugged Rescue Randy - 75kg/165 cm

SKU: 149-1410

$3,569.80 ex GST
$3,926.78 inc GST

9kg Water Rescue Timmy - 3yr Child

9kg Water Rescue Timmy - 3yr Child

SKU: 149-1351

$576.92 ex GST
$634.61 inc GST

25 Kg Full-Body Training Manikin

25 Kg Full-Body Training Manikin

SKU: 101-088FB

$5,478.68 ex GST
$6,026.55 inc GST

Want to Get More Familiar with the Rescue Manikin? Read Our Useful Guide to Rescue Training Manikins Today!

There are various training manikins available nowadays. One of these training manikins is the rescue manikin, often used for the training of first responders. If you are considering obtaining a rescue manikin for the training of your students, be sure to read our useful information below.

What Is a Rescue Manikin?

A rescue manikin is specifically designed for the training of first responders; this includes fire services, paramedics, coastguards, and similar services. With the help of a rescue manikin, first responders learn how to safely handle and evacuate people in need; this means rescue manikins are a vital tool for the training of any first responder in Australia.

How Does Training with Rescue Manikins Work?

Training with a rescue manikin is subject to the first responder who is being trained. Therefore, training for a fireman with a rescue manikin will be different than training for a member of the coastguard.

Still, there are some generalities you can expect where training with a rescue manikin is concerned. The rescue manikin will play the role of the person in distress, which must be evacuated from an emergency. Therefore, most rescue manikins will have a certain amount of weight. Some are even equipped with a voice box, enabling first responders to hear cries for help during training.

When it comes to training with a rescue manikin, we must mention that there are several types of rescue manikins. For example, firemen could benefit most from fire manikins or thermal manikins, since these manikins must withstand fire and heat during training. So, before you choose a rescue manikin for training, make sure it fits your training requirements.

Why Is It Important to Include a Rescue Manikin in Your Training Program?

Rescue training is quite evident and straightforward in theory, but it becomes a little harder once the first responder finds himself or herself in such a situation. It is common to lose your bearings and forget some of your training in such a situation, so practice with a rescue manikin can prevent such problems when it comes to genuine emergencies.

With a rescue manikin, first responder services can setup appropriate training before serious emergencies take place. It can train first responders better for actual emergencies, giving them the tools and the focus to save lives. Therefore, the rescue manikin should not be underestimated when it comes to the training of any first responder.

Where Can You Purchase Rescue Manikins Online?

Mentone Educational provides first responders and medical professionals with various training manikins; this includes the rescue manikins for first responders we have discussed in detail today.

First responders and educators can check out our range of rescue manikins online. However, if you would rather view and test our rescue manikins in person, you can always stop by at the Mentone Educational showroom. At our showroom, you can request to view our rescue training manikins, but also request a demonstration to determine if the rescue manikins will suit your specific requirements.

How Durable Are Rescue Manikins?

Since rescue manikins must withstand some serious punishment during training, you will find that the rescue manikins designed for first responders are made from extremely durable materials.

Rescue manikins are also designed to use safely in training situations, which often prove uncomfortable and hazardous for first responders in training. Even though training to save lives, the safety of first responders in training is paramount for a successful training session.

Most rescue manikins will also have a specific weight and realistic feel. The weight of rescue manikins starts as low as five kilograms and goes as high as ninety kilograms. Therefore, first responders can train with rescue manikins that resemble babies, toddlers, adults, and heavy adults. Most training facilities will have one of each to provide extensive and elaborate training.

The durability of rescue manikins is not just limited to the materials they are made of, because manikins must also withstand severe pressure. For example, firemen who must train for a car accident where a person is trapped, will require a manikin that can withstand that kind of pressure.

Of course, there is also the matter of the specific use of your manikin. Some manikins have more resistance to certain situations than others. For example, you will have the trauma extrication manikin, used to simulate traffic accidents, but you also have fire rescue manikins and water rescue manikins. Naturally, each has an added resistance to the element or the environment they will encounter.

When in doubt about your manikin and its durability, always ensure to pick a manikin specifically made for the training you provide. Cannot find the manikin that matches your training? Get in touch with our team today to find the rescue manikin that fits your needs.