Explaining certain conditions and ailments to patients and medical students can be complicated at times, especially if you do not have the teaching tools and aids at your disposal. This is also one of the reasons why many medical professionals and teachers choose the anatomical models at Mentone Educational, since they can help with patient and student education. Want to learn more about some of our anatomical models? Please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.


What Can You Tell Me About the Anthropological Skull Models?

Our anthropological skull models can be great teaching aids for anthropological studies. Our anthropological studies are detailed replications of original specimens, which provides anthropology professors and teachers with a more affordable alternative than 35,000-year-old skulls. However, our anthropological skull models can deliver the same teaching benefits as a skull that is several thousand years old.

What Can You Tell Me About the Brain and Head Models?

The brain and head models at Mentone Educational have countless applications in doctor surgeries and classrooms. Our anatomical brain and head models are realistic and accurate, which makes them some of the best teaching tools around.

At Mentone Educational, teachers and medical professionals can find models such as the base of the head, dura mater, the muscles of the head, the brain, the medulla, brain model with arteries, and so much more! Therefore, medical professionals and teachers can easily find what they are looking for in our extensive catalogue.

What Can You Tell Me About the Dental Models?

Mentone Educational provides suitable models for dentists, dental nurses, and dental professionals as well. Therefore, our range is not limited to models such as the brain, head, abdomen and legs, but also extends to dental models.

Some prime examples of our dental models are a Set of Adult Teeth, Anatomical Dentition Development Model, the Lower Jaw of a 12-Year-Old, Molar Tooth with Caries, and much more. Given the detail of our dental models, they can be used in dental practices for patient education, but they are also a good choice for classrooms to educate budding dentists and dental nurses!

What Can You Tell Me About the Digestive System Models?

At Mentone Educational, there are countless models of the digestive system. These models are commonly used by doctors for patient education, but also by teachers for student demonstrations and presentations.

The digestive system models at Mentone Education go from detailed anatomical models of the stomach to an anatomical overview of the gallbladder with gallstones. Therefore, the possibilities of this catalogue are endless. With these models, students and patients can learn about the structures within the digestive system, but also about illnesses and conditions that could occur in the digestive system.

What Can You Tell Me About the Eye and Ear Models?

Like all other models available at Mentone Educational, our range of eye and ear models is extensive as well. We provide detailed models of the eyeball, but also models of sectioned eyes, eyes with cataracts and so much more. Therefore, these models are not only suitable for classrooms, but also for the office of an optician.

What Other Anatomical Models Are Available at Mentone Educational?

We only touched the basis of the anatomical models that are available, so the models mentioned above are just some of the models you can acquire from Mentone Educational. So, in addition to the models we already mentioned, you can also count on Mentone Educational for models of the heart, joints, larynx, lung, musculature, human pelvis, birth models, and so much more. So, be sure to check out the other options that could prove useful to you.