Cricotracheotomy Trainer

An extremely realistic alternative to using animal tissue or cadavers.


The soft tissue has the feel of real skin and the unique trachea make it a very effective teaching and learning tool.  Using a simple disposable trachea transforms the trainer into an effective low-cost system.
Key Skills:

  • Palpation of anatomical landmarks, learn needle cricothyroidotomy
  • Practice surgical cricothyroidotomy with scalpel
  • Responsive incision making
  • Identification of cricothyroid and thyroid cartilage
  • Practice insertion of mini trach devices
  • Use Percutaneous Tracheostomy Kit or Seldinger approach
  • Replaceable trachea means stylet and obturator placement can be assessed once the initial incision has been achieved


  • Up to 36 incisions can be done on a single unit
  • Up to 18 mini tracheostomies can be practiced
  • Realistic soft tissue feel of the skin
  • Fulle use of devices such as the PCK and UPK (Portex/Smiths and Cook)
  • Seldinger approach can be practiced
  • Supported in a strong and secure base
  • A real alternative to animal tissue. No messy disposal or unpleasant odors during use.

Learn Everything You Must Know About the Cricotracheotomy Trainer

Mentone Educational provides advanced trainers and simulators for medical professionals; this includes the Cricotracheotomy Trainer, often used to train medical personnel. If you would like to know more about this trainer and its suitability for an educational environment, please read the information provided by the Mentone Educational team below.

Who Will Use the Cricotracheotomy Trainer?

There are numerous medical and teaching environments that could benefit from having this trainer in stock. The Cricotracheotomy Trainer is often used for advanced trauma life support courses, making it suitable for the training of most clinicians. Of course, there are other educational environments that could have a need for this trainer too.

Please note that the Cricotracheotomy Trainer is extremely realistic. Therefore, instructors will find a reliable and realistic alternative to animal tissue and cadavers. In turn, this provides additional benefits such as no messy clean-up or odours.

What Key Skills Can the Cricotracheotomy Trainer Teach?

The Cricotracheotomy Trainer can teach students a variety of medical skills. It is designed to teach needle cricothyroidotomy, but also used to practice surgical cricothyroidotomy with a scalpel.

With the Cricotracheotomy Trainer, students can also learn how to identify cricothyroid and thyroid cartilage correctly. They can practice the insertion of miniscule trach devises, as well as practice their percutaneous tracheostomy or Seldinger approach. The trainer also comes with a replace trachea, enabling students and instructors to assess stylet and obturator placement after incision.

When you choose the Cricotracheotomy Trainer, students can practice with up to 36 incisions on the same unit. It also enables practicing 18 mini tracheostomies, supported by a strong and secure base.

There are many essential skills that can be learned by practicing with this trainer. Of course, there are alternatives at Mentone Educational and each of our subsequent trainers has something unique to bring to the table.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Other Cricotracheotomy Trainers?

Mentone Educational provides many alternatives for the Cricotracheotomy Trainer. As mentioned briefly earlier, each of our trainers and simulators have specific features, ensuring each instructor ends up with the right fit for their students.

The Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer (Individual)

Instructors or schools on a tight budget can find another option in our catalogue, the Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer. Even though this trainer does not provide the advanced features of the Cricotracheotomy Trainer we mentioned earlier, this trainer is a low-cost alternative that simulates the laryngeal body tissue.

The SynAtomy Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer

Instructors and teachers who are looking for realism in their class could consider the SynAtomy Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer as well. It is one of the most realistic training platforms for cricothyrotomy today, so it should certainly be considered.

With the SynAtomy Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer, students can put their surgical skills to the test. The trainer is also compatible with nasogastric intubation and retrograde intubation; this certainly expands the training options possible with this simulator.

Please note that the SynAtomy Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer has a bunch of replaceable parts; this includes the skin overlay, replacement tissues, and carriage. So, if you want to make sure your students can practice on a blank canvas, you can always obtain your replacement accessories from Mentone Educational.

Where Can I Find More Cricotracheotomy Trainers at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational offers more Cricotracheotomy trainers and simulators in its catalogue. If you want to see all the options available to you, please head over to the simulation section on the main menu and select “airway management/intubation” or the “ALS” section.

Do you have a question about one of the simulators or trainers in our catalogue? Feel free to contact the Mentone Educational team via email, telephone, or live chat.


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