Life/form Chest Tube Manikin

The Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin is perfect for teaching the concepts and mechanics of closed water-seal drainage systems like "Pleur-Eva" type units
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This manikin is designed specifically to teach the theory, anatomy, and skills needed to manage pre-hospital chest trauma, as well as ongoing chest tube maintenance.

The right side of the manikin has two cut-away viewing areas to provide awareness of the anatomical relationships between the skin surface, musculature, ribs, and lungs. The left side has a pressurized tension pneumothorax site to relieve air that has accumulated within the pleural space and is restricting lung inflation. There is also a site where chest tubes may be surgically placed to treat pleural effusion by draining fluids from the pleural space. The fluid color, volume, and viscosity is controlled by the instructor.

The Life/form Chest Tube Manikin is perfect for teaching the concepts and mechanics of closed water-seal drainage systems like “Pleur-Evac” type units. Manikin comes with two visual sites for chest tube maintenance, five replaceable surgical chest tube sites, five replaceable pneumothorax chest pads, and hard carry case. (Chest tubes or water-seal drainage system not included). Five-year warranty.



Discover the Best Simulation Equipment for Medical Environments

Mentone Educational has a big range of simulation equipment; this goes from CPR manikins to dedicated training manikins for medical environments. If you are still looking for medical training equipment, be sure to check out some of our best equipment suggestions below.

What Is the First Training Equipment for a Medical Environment?

One piece of training equipment clinicians should look at is the Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin. The Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin is designed to train students in concepts and mechanics of water-seal drainage systems. Since these systems are often used in medical environments, clinicians will find many training opportunities to use this manikin in.

When you choose the Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin comes with easy maintenance too. The manikin has two sites for chest tube maintenance, replaceable surgical chest tube sites, pneumothorax chest pads, and an accompanying carry case.

What Is the Second Training Equipment for a Medical Environment?

Mentone Educational provides many ATLS systems aside from the Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin. Another consideration from our range of simulation equipment is the Chest Drain Simulator, which could add a lot of value to the training of medical staff.

The Chest Drain Simulator includes a torso with encased ribs and a replaceable chest wall. The simulator can be filled with various coloured fluids, enabling clinicians and instructors to simulate various conditions. Students can also make incisions, bringing a perfect alternative to using animals.

What Is the Third Training Equipment for a Medical Environment?

Aside from ATLS trainers, Mentone Educational provides other simulation equipment as well. Mentone Educational also provides adult and child ALS simulation, ensuring proper simulation for all clinicians.

Customers should certainly take a look at the Dart Bag ECG ACLS Simulator. The Dart Bag contains advanced teaching software, replacing the defibrillator and the ECG Rhythm Simulator.

The Dart Bag ECG ACLS Simulator does not weigh a lot, which makes it perfect for instructors who need to teach various classes around the country. The items in the bag can be combined with different CPR manikins and equipment in our catalogue as well, ensuring instructors have all the equipment they require.

There are a large number of skills that can be trained with the Dart Bag ECG ACLS Simulator; this includes capnography, defibrillation, 12 lead, synchronised cardioversion, x-rays, transcutaneous pacing, and many related skills.

What Is the Fourth Training Equipment for a Medical Environment?

If you want your students to maximise their critical thinking skills, then you should certainly consider the Smart Stat with iPad Control and Options. The simulator is designed to simulate all types of tasks that require critical thinking, preparing students better for their future job.

The Smart Stat with iPad Control and Options includes a wireless adult patient simulator; this simulator operates through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. The Smart Stat features include wireless microphone for instructions, external jugular catheterization, pulse points, and so much more. To check out all the features available with this simulator, please head over to the product description page.

What Other Training Simulators Are Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational provides a wide range of simulators; this goes from simulators for clinicians to simulators for CPR instructors. We offer advanced life support simulators, airway management trainers, and even trainers to help students develop clinical skills and patient care.

Do you have a question about any of the simulators and trainers in the Mentone Educational catalogue? Or could you use a recommendation for your class, school, or clinic? Please do not hesitate to contact the Mentone Educational team for more information. Instructors and clinicians can contact us via email or telephone.


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