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Many teachers use simulations to teach their students about certain anatomical structures. At Mentone Educational, customers can find numerous simulations that could be used for this purpose. These simulations are provided by different manufacturers.


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One of the manufacturers that created simulations for student education is the Erler Zimmer brand. If you wish to learn more about the simulations offered by this brand, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

What Is the Osteopathic Skull Model from Erler Zimmer?

Even though there are many skull simulations available at Mentone Educational, one of the most detailed and intricate ones is the Osteopathic Skull Model from Erler Zimmer. The Osteopathic Skull Model from Erler Zimmer can be separated into 22 different parts, which allows teachers to provide some extremely detailed demonstrations and presentations.

As we mentioned already, the Osteopathic Skull Model is made by award-winning manufacturer Erler Zimmer. Opposed to traditional skull models, the Osteopathic Skull Model from Erler Zimmer is created with magnets; this eliminates the need for pins and holes which make assembly and disassembly more complicated.

When you take the Osteopathic Skull Model from Erler Zimmer apart, you can identify many different structures; this includes the parietal bone (left and right), occipital bone, temporal bone (left and right), sphenoid bone, frontal bone, ethmoid bone, vomer, palatine bone (left and right), inferior nasal concha (left and right), maxilla with teeth (left and right), lacrimal bone (left and right), nasal bone (left and right), zygomatic bone (left and right) and the mandible with teeth. So, if your lesson plan includes a detailed explanation of these structures, you will undoubtedly find applications for the Osteopathic Skull Model in your classroom.

Every Osteopathic Skull Model obtained from Mentone Educational is accompanied by a user guide in German and English. It also comes with a special CD, which contains a key card document in various languages; this includes Latin, German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Japanese.

In conclusion, the Osteopathic Skull Model from Mentone Educational is the best model to demonstrate the distinction between the single bones of the skull. To make distinguishing the different bones a little easier, Erler Zimmer has painted the different structures in different colours; this allows for faster and easier identification. So, even if you have a skull replica in your classroom already, you cannot pass on a skull that allows you to demonstrate specific skull parts in more detail.

What Is the Life Size Dog Skeleton from the Erler Zimmer Brand?

Erler Zimmer does not only provide anatomical models for medical professionals and students, because the brand also creates anatomical models for vets and veterinary students. One of these models is the Life Size Dog Model.

The Life Size Dog Skeleton is a quality cast of a medium canine skeleton. It includes a removable skull, but also removable legs and tail for easier demonstrations. It also has a moveable jaw, which enables teachers to show the teeth in more detail and the overall movement of the jaw.

Where Can I Find Other Simulations from Erler Zimmer at Mentone Educational?

At Mentone Educational, we regularly stock simulations from the award-winning German brand Erler Zimmer. If you want a full overview of the simulations available from this brand, please head over to the main menu and hover over the brands section. Then, select “Erler Zimmer” to get an overview of the available simulations.

Please note that Mentone Educational also provides simulations from other brands. So, if you cannot find what you are looking for in the Erler Zimmer section, be sure to check out some of the other simulation brands too!