Medical professionals, teachers and students often use the anatomy models available at Mentone Educational. At Mentone Educational, you can find human anatomy models, synthetic cadaver models, veterinary models and 3D printed anatomical models, which ensures there is a suitable teaching tool or aid available for everyone. Want to learn more about each of these options? Learn more by reading the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

What Are the Human Anatomy Models Available at Mentone Educational?

Our Human Anatomy Models are used to educate both medicine students and patients, which means you will commonly find them in classrooms, doctor surgeries and even clinics. All our models are handmade in Germany by 3B Scientific, the largest manufacturer of anatomical models in the world.

Mentone Educational offers an extensive catalogue filled with accurate anatomical models. These models could include anthropology skulls, brain and head models, dental models, digestive system replicas, skeleton models and much more. So, if you require a detailed and accurate anatomy model for your classroom, practice or clinic, be sure to consider our high-quality anatomical models first.

What Are the Synthetic Cadaver Models Available at Mentone Educational?

Synthetic Cadaver Models are commonly used by medicine students, since it allows them to get more familiar with certain structures, organs and more. One of these models can also be useful for an individual student, since it gives them a more visual representation of study material. Therefore, these models can be used by both students and teachers.

At Mentone Educational, medical professionals and students can acquire an entire synthetic cadaver, but also individual parts that have been replicated from the original; this includes a leg, the lungs, prostate, uterus, oesophagus, gall bladder, kidney, large intestine and much more.

For a full overview of our Synthetic Cadaver Models, please head over to the “Synthetic Cadaver” subcategory under the “anatomy models” category on the main menu. If you have any questions about our Synthetic Cadaver Models, be sure to contact our team of representatives.

What Are the Veterinary Models Available at Mentone Educational?

Not only doctors in training need some models to help them learn, because veterinarians in training could benefit from models too. For these students, and for teachers, we provide the Veterinary Models collection.

Inside the Veterinary Models catalogue, you can find anything from ultrasound trainers to detailed bone structures of canines and felines. We also provide a detailed range of dental models; this ranges from a single tooth replica to an entire jaw replica.

What Are the 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas?

3D Printed Anatomical Replicas are quite new, since these types of models were only available for field professionals a couple of years ago. A 3D Printed Anatomical Replica is made by the Monash University Centre for Human Anatomy Education, providing a replica with unmatched anatomical accuracy.

To create an exact replica, the Monash University Centre uses CT scans and the latest 3D printing technology. Naturally, this results in some exquisite replicas with tremendous teaching, demonstration and presentation value.

In our range of 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas, customers can find detailed anatomical reproductions of the shoulder, hand, head, torso, the superficial muscles, the heart, and much more. Each of these have been replicated from an original and are painted realistically. So, if you are searching for the most anatomically accurate and realistic models, you will undoubtedly find them in our collection of 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas.

Where Can I Go with Questions About Your Product Catalogue?

Do you have any questions about our product catalogue? Or would you like to speak with one of our representatives about our products and our range in general? Feel free to contact Mentone Educational via telephone, email or live chat.