Somso is a quality German brand that provides many anatomical models for Mentone Educational. Their models are often used for demonstrations and presentations in the classroom, so teachers and educators will find many useful teaching aids for their classroom. Curious what the best anatomical models are for education? Discover some of our recommendations below!


Anatomical Models of Female Human Skeleton on Static Stand

Anatomical Models of Female Human Skeleton on Stat

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Anatomical Models of Female Human Skeleton on Roller Stand

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Which Is the Best Somso Model for Sympathetic Nervous System Education?

The Sympathetic Nervous System (BS26-1) Model could be the best model to educate students about the sympathetic nervous system. The nervous system is complex studying material, so this model helps to visualise an otherwise complicated system.

Somso’s Sympathetic Nervous System (BS26-1) Model shows a detailed schematic representation of the central and the peripheral nervous system. The scale of the model is half size, which means the model is large enough for detailed demonstrations in the classroom.

Does Somso Provide Models of Individual Vertebra?

Somso does not only provide models of entire structures, such as the spine, it also provides individual pieces of such structures, such as the Fifth Cervical Vertebra (BS30) Model.

The Fifth Cervical Vertebra Model is a detailed replica of the human fifth cervical replica. It clearly displays articulating surfaces, the vertebral artery, spinal cord, nerve roots and other details that can be seen in a cross section through the vertebra.

Does Somso Have Models Displaying Cells in More Detail?

We already covered some of the largest human structures Somso has replicated with their models. However, it does not stop with things that are visible, because Somso also provides replicas of cells; this includes the Neuron (BS35-1) Model.

With the Neuron Model from Somso, educators and teachers can educate their students about the human nervous system in even more detail. The model has been enlarged 2500 times and is made from a durable SOMSO-Plast material.

We also need to mention that the model does not only show a detailed view of the Neuron, it also comes with a separate medullated nerve fibre representation. Also, Somso has placed this model on a green board to enable easy storage and more durability!

Does Somso Provide Sectional Models of the Brain?

Somso provides many full brain models, but also sectional brain models. One such a model is the 5-Sectional Brain Model. The model clearly displays numerous views of the brain, which is certainly useful for students who need to study brain anatomy.

The 5-Sectional Brain Model is manufactured in natural size; this with the popular SOMSO-Plast material. It clearly displays the left brain hemisphere, including cortical relief of the cerebrum and cerebellum. It also offers a median section through the brain, cerebral ventricle, stem ganglia, horizontal section through the left hemisphere, lateral ventricle, adjoining nuclei with choroid plexus and the frontal section through the brain and brain stem with subcortical nuclei and projection tracts. In short, all the details students need to study are displayed in great detail with this exquisite Somso model.

Where Can I Find More Anatomical Models from Somso at Mentone Educations?

The anatomical models we mentioned above are just some of the most popular choices for classrooms at Mentone Education. However, there are many other anatomical models for customers to discover!

To get a full overview of the anatomical models Somso provides, please hover over the brands section on the main menu and select “Somso”. Do you wish to speak to one of our representatives about these models? Or would you like some advice about the anatomical models you wish to purchase for your classroom or school? Feel free to contact the experts at Mentone Educational today!