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One of the brands that delivers anatomical models to Mentone Educational is Erler Zimmer. Their product range spans to an amazing 1500 products, which are all created to help the education of medical and veterinary students. Do you wish to learn more about some of the products from the Erler Zimmer brand? Please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.


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What Is the Osteopathic Skull Model from the Erler Zimmer Brand?

The Osteopathic Skull Model from the Erler Zimmer brand is an accurate anatomical representation of a European adult skull. The entire skull can be taken apart into 22 single bones, which makes demonstrations and presentations a lot easier for teachers.

When Erler Zimmer created the Osteopathic Skull Model, they decided they wanted a model that could be used in its entirety, but also a model that could be taken apart completely. However, this required good overall stability. To achieve a good stable foundation for the skull, Erler Zimmer used various magnetic connections; this provided the needed stability but also easier handling.

Thanks to the use of magnetic connections, Erler Zimmer did not have to create any complicated holes or pin-connections. The magnetic connections make the bones almost slide into their right position, so quick demonstrations become child’s play with this Osteopathic Skull Model from the Earl Zimmer brand.

When you choose the Osteopathic Skull Model for your classroom, you will also receive a special user guide in English and German. It also comes with a special CD that has a key card document in languages such as Latin, German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Japanese.

When you take the Osteopathic Skull Model apart, you can clearly identify the important bones of the skull structure; this includes the left and right parietal bone, the occipital bone, the left and right temporal bone, sphenoid bone, frontal bone, ethmoid bone, vomer, the left and right palatine bone, the left and right inferior nasal concha, the left and right maxilla with teeth, the left and right lacrimal bone, the left and right nasal bone, the left and right zygomatic bone and the mandible with the teeth. Because of the high level of detail in this representation, this skull can be used for countless different applications in the medical field.

What Is the Life Size Dog Skeleton?

The Life Size Dog Skeleton is a common occurrence in veterinary practices and veterinary science classrooms. The skeleton is a life-size cast of a medium canine skeleton with some extra features such as a removable skull, legs and tail. The jaw of the Life Size Dog Skeleton can also be moved.

To ensure the stability of this Life Size Dog Skeleton, the spine of the skeleton is fixed into place. The entire size of this model is 90 cm x 16 cm x 65 cm, which means that demonstrations and presentations can be a lot more interesting for students than just looking at a skeleton on paper. Therefore, we recommend this skeleton for all classrooms educating future vets and veterinary nurses.

Where Can I Discover More Products from the Erler Zimmer Brand?

At Mentone Educational, we regularly stock products from the Erler Zimmer brand. If you prefer the quality of the Erler Zimmer brand above all others, then be sure to keep informed about the range of Erler Zimmer products available at Mentone Educational.

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