Study confirms clinical usefulness of the Sectra Table Published April 28, 2016

A scientific study to assess the usefulness of Sectra Table for preoperative planning of orthopedic surgeons was presented at the global conference Visualization 2011 in Providence, Rhode Island, at the end of October. The main development objectives for Sectra Table have been to meet real clinical needs and to offer a very low learning threshold. This was evaluated in the study where five orthopedic surgeons were tasked to perform preoperative planning of complex pelvic fractures after mere five minutes of introduction to the system. Both qualitative and quantitative results show that the surgeons assessed that the table would be useful and effective in their clinical work, and they also strongly appreciated its ease of use. The study is published in the peer-reviewed journal Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.

The full article, Multi-TouchTable System for Medical Visualization: Application to Orthopedic Surgery Planning, can be accessed through IEEE here.