Sectra Education Portal

Sectra Education Portal allows you to store and share educational cases with your students and residents. It also allows cases to be shared within hospitals and between universities around the globe

A portal to clinical content

Sectra Education Portal connects Sectra Table to a cloud portal consisting of both a private share for each institution and a public share. The portal offers a library of quality-assured Sectra reference cases. Users can make personalized bookmarks from reference cases for individual teaching purposes.

International collaboration

Sectra Education Portal makes it possible for different departments and institutions to collaborate. Not only can users reach their own cases from anywhere, but they can also share interesting cases with other Sectra Table users around the world. By exporting cases to the public share, anyone can benefit from someone’s prepared cases with bookmarks, detailed annotations and documented case story.

Use teaching material anytime, anywhere

When connected to Sectra Education Portal, teachers, students and clinical staff are able to use Sectra’s solution in the hospital, at the university – and at home. Users can reach and interact with their cases at any Sectra Table, laptop or touch device, making it suitable for classroom training as well for distance learning or studying at home.

Protecting patient privacy

To protect patient privacy, all reference and user shared cases are anonymized – which means identifying information from the image data is removed. Faces are blurred and unrecognizable.