Basic Buddy Carry Bag


If you are moving your Basic Buddy Manikins from place to place, this is what you need. Perfect for group trainers.

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The carry bag holds five fully assembled Basic Buddy manikins.

Made of a durable fabric, this bag has both handles and shoulder strap to make things easier while on the move. 

Transport Your Training Manikins Better with Our Basic Buddy Carry Bag

Busy CPR instructors already know the hassle of transporting several CPR manikins from one place to another. Of course, there are some accessories that can make this process easier; this includes the Basic Buddy Carry Bag from Mentone Educational.

The Basic Buddy Carry Bag from Mentone Educational is designed to transport the Basic Buddy manikins. It can hold several manikins simultaneously and keeps the manikins protected against damage.

Can I Obtain This Carry Bag in a Manikin Set?

When you browse the range at Mentone Educational, you will notice that several of our Basic Buddy CPR Manikin sets already include a Basic Buddy Carry Bag. However, if you already own the manikins and would like to purchase the accompanying bag, you can purchase it separately from us.

Who Needs a Carry Bag to Store CPR Training Manikins?

A carry case is usually recommended for CPR instructors who regularly teach large groups of people. Since the training of a larger group requires multiple manikins, a convenient carry case can make things a little easier where transport and logistics are concerned.

How Do I Maintain a Carry Bag for CPR Manikins?

While most carry bags designed to carry CPR manikins can last quite some time without needing any maintenance, frequent use and travel can cause some unwanted stains over time. However, our carry bags are made from durable fabric with a strong weave, making it less likely for stains to permanently settle on the exterior of the bag.

When you maintain a carry case, it is important to verify which kind of material you are dealing with. Some fabrics can discolour when harsh cleaning products are used. Thus, most carry bags must be maintained with a mild detergent or soapy water.

During the maintenance of your carry bag, it is important not to wipe any stains. Wiping can make the stains settle in the material. For most maintenance processes, it is easier to dip the stain with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Once you have used a damp cloth or some soapy water to maintain the exterior of your bag, do not place your carry bag in the dryer. It is best to leave the bag to air-dry; this will protect the material against fading and the overall construction of the bag.

What Other Accessories Should I Look at as a CPR Instructor?

There are some additional accessories for CPR training manikins that could prove useful for instructors. A carry bag is one of the essentials, but there are some additional ones instructors should be aware of.

One of the additional accessories we can recommend for CPR instructors is a set of lung bags. Lung bags are used in combination with your chosen CPR training manikin and can provide a more realistic rise and fall of the chest during classes. It can also keep the training manikin more sanitary, since each lung bag is removed after a student practices.

Please note that not all training manikins have the ability to be combined with lung bags. If you have an older set of training manikins, please verify that they can be combined with lung bags before you purchase them. Also, check the make of your training manikin before choosing specific lung bags from our catalogue. Some brands of training manikins will use their own set of lung bags, while others can work with some universal ones.

At Mentone Educational, instructors can also obtain the insertion tools that are required to put the lung bags into the manikin. We sell these insertion tools separately, but you can also find them in some of our combination packs; these usually include training manikins, a carry case, and lung bags too.

Purchasing one of our combination packs can be more affordable for some instructors; these are usually CPR instructors who have just started out teaching their classes and still require their own equipment. Of course, our sets are also suitable for instructors who want to expand on their current CPR training equipment.

Mentone Educational also provides more advanced training equipment for CPR instructors; this includes the so-called AED trainer, which simulates the use of an AED that can be found in public places these days. Most CPR instructors will include this in their training, since it can make students more confident during an emergency when the need for an AED arises.

For more accessories that can be used in combination with CPR training manikins, we kindly refer you to our simulation section. At Mentone Educational, you can find everything from training manikins and AED trainers to posters and anatomical models. If you want to expand on your teaching equipment, you can be sure you will find the best deal at Australia’s leading supplier of medical and educational equipment.


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