Trauma Manikin Moulage Kit

Designed to be used in conjuction with a Rescue Manikin

Application of these realistic bleeding moulages to the Full Body CPR / Trauma Manikin facilitates quick identification, diagnosis, and dressing of wounds by trainees.

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The Trauma Kit includes compound fractures, contusions, lacerations, evisceration, sucking chest wound, impalement, crushed foot, jaw wound, and projectile entry and exit of arm. These bleeding wounds strap on and are complete with pump assembly. 

Simulated blood is included with the moulage kit. Non-bleeding strap-on wounds include 2nd and 3rd degree burns of the chest, back, forearm, and face. Manikin sold separately.

Make Simulations More Realistic with the Trauma Moulage Kit!

Customers often come to Mentone Educational for moulage kits. These moulage kits can make simulated emergencies look more realistic, subsequently adding to the training of first responders or other medical staff that may require such training.

One of the moulage kits available at Mentone Educational is the Trauma Moulage Kit, which contains loads of moulages used to simulate various emergencies. Want to learn more about the Trauma Moulage Kit, its benefits, and its applications? Please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below to learn more.

What Kinds of Training Can This Trauma Moulage Kit Help With?

The Trauma Moulage Kit contains so many different moulages, it can be used for the training of many medical professionals. Inside this kit, customers can find compound fractures, contusions, lacerations, eviscerations, sucking chest wounds, impalement, a crushed foot, projectile wounds, and much more. So, from training first responders to future doctors, the Trauma Moulage Kit has an endless number of applications for simulation and training purposes.

We must mention that the Trauma Moulage Kit is an essential when it comes to simulations and training. When you need to make an emergency look realistic, the moulage kit is the basis you build upon. Of course, there are other items that could help you make wounds appear even more lifelike; for example, by using some of the Ben Nye makeup and special effect products available in our catalogue.

Which Manikins Should This Trauma Moulage Kit Be Used With?

Mentone Educational does not solely provide trauma moulage kits for simulation and training purposes, we also have a good range of training manikins that could contribute to the simulation.

Before you choose a manikin to combine with the Trauma Moulage Kit, it is important to consider who you are training. For example, EMT personnel might have to deal with adults as well as children, so having two separate manikins (one adult and one child), may prove useful in this situation.

The Trauma Moulage Kit is designed to simulate wounds and injuries in adults, therefore, it should be used on an adult manikin. However, if you need a trauma kit for child victims, check out the remainder of our catalogue for the matching manikin and trauma simulation products.

Why Can Using Realistic Trauma Moulage Kits Be Useful?

Trauma moulage kits can be used for a variety of reasons, but the main reason often lies in preparing medical personnel for genuine emergencies. While a medical professional might do great on paper, this does not necessarily apply to a real emergency. When you encounter such a situation for the first time, it is certainly not uncommon to freeze or make similar mistakes. With a trauma moulage kit and accompanying manikins, you can prepare them better for when such a situation does occur.

Of course, preparation is just one part of the equation. Many customers use trauma moulage kits in the workplace as well; this to illustrate some of the injuries that could occur in a dangerous working environment. It helps employees to learn what to do in such situations, which could potentially save a life in the future.

In conclusion, there are many applications for a trauma moulage kit. So many even, it is always difficult to mention them all. Of course, if you are on Mentone Educational for a trauma moulage kit, you undoubtedly already have its purpose in mind.

Are Simulated Wounds Easy to Apply?

Many customers who work with simulation kits for the first time are often worried about the application of wounds or accompanying makeup products. Let us reassure you though, because all our simulation kits are made to be applied easily and effortlessly. So, even if you have no experience with such kits, you will find the instructions and the actual application straightforward.

Customers who would like a demonstration of the simulation kit before they purchase could come to the Mentone Educational showroom for a demonstration. Our team is familiar with each simulation kit, so they can provide you with a demonstration and some tips on how to apply the wounds.

To make things look extra realistic, our team can recommend additional products from the Mentone Educational range. The Trauma Moulage Kit contains some of the essentials you will need, but there are more items that could take training or simulation to the next level for your students. So, if you want to obtain additional items for your training, but not quite sure which are best, be sure to ask about these products when you visit the Mentone Educational showroom.

Do you need advice on simulation makeup or special effect products, but do not have the time to stop by at the Mentone Educational showroom? Obtain more information today and contact us by telephone, email, or the instant messaging function on our website.


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