Tru Corp

Trucorp designs and manufactures state-of-the-art medical training manikins that are anatomically correct, extremely durable and easy to setup. The Belfast-based company has more than 10 years of experience in the medical education industry and is quickly become a widely recognised brand with customers from all across the globe due to its highly realistic and cost-effective medical training models.

TruCorp AirSim Manikins

The Trucorp Airway is utilised in a wide range of AirSim models that help healthcare professionals and students learn proper airway management and intubation methods. The Trucorp Airway is designed using CT scanned data of people from different age groups to accurately reflect how the body responds to different medical procedures. Looking inside, the TruCorp Airway provides visually accurate internal anatomical features, making it ideal for simulating fibre optic examinations and laryngoscopy procedures.

The realistic jaw assembly and fully articulated neck movements further add to the realism that medical professionals need in order to understand and learn how to apply correct airway management techniques. An inflatable tongue can also be quickly modified to simulate different swollen tongue sizes.

Nasal passages are anatomically correct and fully functional to further aid in training bag and mask ventilation techniques, as well as nasal intubation procedures.

Overview of AirSim Models

The AirSim Standard provides all the essential features required to teach proper airway management with its full jaw and neck articulation, as well as the inflatable lung bags and tongue attachment. It also has an anatomically correct internal structure to facilitate training for endotracheal tube insertion, laryngoscopy and fibre optic examinations.

The AirSim Multi adds realistic and functional nasal passages and a fully moulded chin to the standard model making it an excellent platform for practising bag and mask ventilation techniques, as well as nasal intubation procedures.

The AirSim Bronchi has the same features as the AirSim Multi with the addition of bronchial tubes reaching up the fourth generation. The bronchi allows it to be an effective teaching tool for practising diagnostic bronchoscopy, as well as lung isolation and lung suctioning techniques using endobronchial tubes and bronchial blockers.

The AirSim Advance Bronchi adds a ‘real feel’ skin covering that provides a more realistic and lifelike training experience. It also comes with adult and baby-sized inflatable lung bags, which allows it to simulate the difference between adult and paediatric care.

The AirSim Advance Combo comes with Trucorp’s signature AirSim airway covered by its real feel skin, as well as tracheal rings, simulated cricoid and laryngeal cartilages. These additional features make it an ideal training tool for needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy in addition to airway management and intubation techniques. The wraparound neck skin is replaceable and is rated for up to 20 incisions. It can also be configured with optional subcutaneous fat tissue to simulate more difficult tracheostomy and cricothyroidotomy scenarios. A similar model, the AirSim Advance Combo Bronchi, comes with realistic bronchial tubes to the AirSim Combo family of products.

The AirSim Child and AirSim Baby models were developed in collaboration with clinicians from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles resulting in realistic training models designed specifically for paediatric care. These models can be used for demonstrating and simulating various procedures like naso-tracheal intubation, bag and mask ventilation, endotracheal tube insertion and laryngoscopy.

The AirSim Child and AirSim Child Bronchi were designed using CT scanned data from a six year old child. Features used in the adult-sized models such as the AirSim airway, nasal passages, inflatable lung, tongue bulb and ‘real feel’ skin have been adapted to the child variants to reflect the different techniques required. In addition, missing frontal teeth have been moulded to demonstrate the dental profile of a typical six year old.

The AirSim Baby is modelled after a six month old and closely resembles the external and internal anatomy of an infant. It comes with baby sized inflatable lung bags which are ideal for properly demonstrating paediatric airway management.

The AirSim Pierre Robin model simulates the difficulties faced when caring for a six month patient with Pierre Robin syndrome. It helps highlight the effects of congenital defects like mandibular hypoplasia, glossoptosis, cleft palate and bifid uvula during medical procedures.

TruMan Trauma

The Truman Trauma System is one of TruCorp’s latest innovations and offers a multitude of features that is designed to teach medical professionals the skills required to properly treat a wide range of life threatening trauma and emergency surgical situations.

The Truman Trauma is an anatomically correct model of an adult torso that features an AirSim head and replaceable tissue sets that provide a more realistic surgical training experience. Aside from airway management, it is an ideal tool for teaching proper chest tube insertion, needle decompression, CPR, surgical cricothyroidotomy, percutaneous tracheostomy, as well as the identification of tracheal deviations and jugular vein distensions.

TruCorp TruCric

The TruCric is designed for practising emergency cricothyroidotomy and tracheostomy procedures. It has the same components found in some of TruCorp’s more elaborate manikins such as tracheal rings, a simulated cricoid and laryngeal cartilages in order to provide the same training experience in a more purpose-built and cost effective package.


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