Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Pack of 5

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The Baby Buddy Manikin 5 Pack includes five infant manikins, 50 lung/mouth protection bags, one carry bag, and an instruction manual.

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The Baby Buddy Manikin 5 Pack includes five infant manikins, 50 lung/mouth protection bags, one carry bag, and an instruction manual.

Baby Buddy Manikin include:  

  • Sanitary one-piece lung/mouth protection system.
  • Economical each student can have their own manikin.
  • Low-Cost disposable lung/mouth protection bags no messy cleanup.
  • Lung/Mouth Bag installs easily (tool included).

Discover the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack, an Essential for CPR Training!

Mentone Educational provides a large collection of CPR manikins, favoured by CPR trainers across Australia. One of the CPR training packs we offer is the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack, delivering baby manikins for infant CPR training. To learn more about the benefits of this pack, please read the information below.

What Is the First Benefit of the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack?

Our Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack is one of the most economical choices for teachers and CPR trainers. The pack is extremely affordable and offers a total of five infant manikins; this could give students their own manikin when doing infant CPR training.

Due to the size of the CPR pack, the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack is suitable for small, medium, and even large CPR classes. So, many instructors will find loads of applications for this manikin pack.

What Is the Second Benefit of the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack?

The manikins inside the pack are not the only things that are economical, because the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack also comes with lung and mouth protection bags. Lung and mouth protection bags keep things sanitary during CPR class, and they are often the most economical choice for instructors.

In addition to hygiene, mouth and lung bags ensure a more realistic rise and fall of the manikin’s chest. By adding more realism to a CPR class, instructors can prepare their students better for genuine emergencies in the future.

Lung and mouth protection bags are easy to install as well, so this saves both instructors and students valuable time. The pack also includes a lung and mouth bag installation tool, so instructors can quickly add a new mouth and lung bag for the next student who wants to practice.

The installation of the lung and mouth protection bags becomes even easier with the unique design of the manikins. Each of the manikins has a removable chest, so instructors do not have to mess around

What Is the Third Benefit of the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack?

The Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack is also a lightweight option; this is certainly useful for instructors who must travel regularly to give their CPR classes. A heavy equipment bag is far from ideal. Fortunately, instructors do not have to worry about that with the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Pack.

To ensure instructors can transport their manikins easily, Mentone Educational provides a useful carry bag with this pack of manikins. With the carry bag, instructors can easily transport and store their manikins, making it easier to quickly switch between class locations.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Similar Adult Manikins?

Mentone Educational provides an extensive collection of manikins and CPR training equipment, so customers can find a lot of other options in our catalogue.

In addition to infant manikins, Mentone Educational also provides adult manikins for CPR training. Some of our packs even include automated external defibrillation trainers, enabling instructors to expand upon their existing CPR classes.

What Other Medical Training Equipment Can I Obtain from Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational provides more than CPR training equipment. Our range consists of various medical training equipment options; this ranges from posters to anatomy models and simulation equipment. To see a full overview of medical training equipment, please select the appropriate category on the main menu.

Do you have a question about our CPR training equipment, or other medical training equipment available at Mentone Educational? For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Mentone Educational team via telephone or email. Alternatively, you can also stop by at our showroom.

How Can Mentone Educational Provide Its Manikins at Such an Affordable Price?

Most CPR instructors already know that manikins can be quite an investment, especially if you need several to teach several students. At Mentone Educational, we aim to provide clinicians and instructors with the best range of manikins while keeping the prices affordable.

Mentone Educational can provide its attractive pricing by offering special packs to customers. By buying multiple manikins at once, we can provide a more attractive price than if you were to buy the manikins separately.

Even though our multipacks could be most attractive for CPR instructors, this does not mean instructors should rule out the individual manikins either. If you look at our catalogue containing individual manikins, you will immediately notice that we offer our individual manikins for attractive prices as well. Therefore, CPR instructors do not have to buy a multipack to take full advantage of our attractive pricing policy.

Why Is It Important to Own Baby Manikins as well as Adult Manikins as a CPR Instructor?

CPR instructors require a large range of equipment to provide their students with the best training possible. Even though you can demonstrate most techniques on adult manikins, it is impossible to teach infant CPR on an adult manikin in an adequate manner.

By adding some baby manikins to your CPR training equipment, you can provide students with all the training they require. The Baby Buddy CPR manikin range is therefore an excellent choice for your collection of training equipment.

At Mentone Educational, customers can also find manikin packs that include a combination of different manikins; this could prove useful for CPR instructors who are just starting out and require a series of manikins to provide complete training. If you need adult manikins as well as infant and baby manikins, be sure to look at the other manikin packs provided at Mentone Educational.

Should I Sanitise the Baby Buddy Manikins After Each CPR Class?

The lung and mouth bags that accompany the multipack of baby manikins keep your CPR class sanitary, since there is no longer a need to wipe the manikin down with alcohol wipes between students. However, this does not mean that a regular maintenance between classes is no longer necessary.

Bacteria can be transferred onto the manikin in many different ways. The mouth is one of the main contributors to bacteria on or inside the manikin, but this is eliminated by the mouth and lung bags. However, bacteria can also be transferred by the hands.

Before the start of your class, there is no way you can control how many bacteria are on your student’s hands. While some instructors will use an antibacterial lotion, other CPR instructors will maintain the manikin between classes.

CPR instructors can easily maintain the manikin by wiping off the manikin with an alcohol wipe between classes. It is essential to clean the areas that were touched often by students; this could include the chest and the mouth area. If time is lacking, then these are the areas that should be sanitised.

Instructors who like to do a full maintenance on their manikins can wipe down the entire manikin with an antibacterial solution. Special solutions and wipes are available for this, which can make the overall sanitising process a little easier.

As soon as you have sanitised your manikins, it is important to store them in their appropriate case immediately. Also, make sure the inside of the storage case is sanitary as well, since the inside of such a case can encounter bacteria over time. So, be sure to check the case before you store the manikins after sanitising them.


  • Removable chest for easy lung/mouth bag installation
  • Visible chest rise when ventilated
  • Lightweight and easily transported
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