Prestan Adult Manikin - Single Pack

Most economical CPR manikin with feedback on the market

The Prestan Adult CPR Manikin, the most affordable manikin on the market with CPR feedback to provide high quality CPR to improve survival outcomes in real world situations.
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Mentone Educational is proud to offer the full range of Prestan CPR Manikins. This highly realistic adult manikin is the most ecnomical and lightweight CPR manikin on the market. The Adult manikin weighs almost half of the nearest rival and is the only one in the price bracket to provide real time feedback.

The manikin is designed with both the teacher and student in mind. With specifically designed face shields training can be effective and safe whilst also offering highly realistic chest rise and fall.

The Prestan adult offers feedback in the form of a clicker for compression depth and LED lights which show quality CPR across depth and speed. Different coloured lights are used on the shoulder of the manikin to show respective quality of CPR and whether the rate needs to alter to reach optimal CPR

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer the Prestan CPR manikin as a single unit, in a pack of four, part of the Prestan family pack and in Mentone's starter packs

Each Prestan Adult single manikin includes a 10 pack of face shields and lung bags to allow for easy setup.

AA batteries are required to run the LED lights (not included). 

Choose Superior Quality For Your CPR Training Manikins With Prestan!

Prestan is one of the best-known brands in training manikins. Not only does this brand provide superior quality for its training manikins, it also offers it for the best price.

Mentone Educational provides various CPR training manikins from the Prestan brand. One of our bestsellers is the Prestan Adult Manikin. If you wish to know why this training manikin is so popular, please read the information provided by our team below.

What Can You Tell Me About The Feedback System On The Prestan CPR Training Manikin?

The feedback system that comes with this training manikin is patented by Prestan. The system consists of a light bank, equipped with LED lights. The lights in the system react to compressions, so it can provide students with more accurate feedback on their chest compression speed and depth.

A feedback system on the Prestan Adult Manikin consists of a series of lights. These lights provide students with the following information, enabling them to develop the proper CPR techniques:

  • Red lights: when the red lights come on, it means that the student is not providing enough chest compressions over the course of a minute. It also means the student must increase the speed with which the chest compressions are given.
  • Orange lights: orange lights are an indication the student is not providing the required amount of compressions a minute. While the red light means the student is providing less than 60 compressions, the orange light indicates the student provides 60-79 compressions a minute. However, this is not considered as quality CPR.
  • One green light: when one green light comes on, it means the student has been giving compressions between 80 and 100; this is considered as good CPR. However, it also means the student could increase the survival chances of the patient by increasing the speed.
  • Two green lights: this is the result all students should obtain during their CPR training. Two green lights show that the student provides between 100-120 compressions a minute, the ideal amount for maximum survival chance.
  • Yellow lights: the yellow light means the student exceeds the recommended 120 compressions a minute. When this light occurs, the student must reduce their speed.

To ensure accurate readings, the CPR rate monitor is installed in the left shoulder of the manikin; this includes the batteries the device requires to work. Please note that batteries could require replacement somewhere along the line.

Is The Prestan Adult Manikin Available In Different Skin Tones?

The Prestan Adult Manikin is available in various skin tones. Please note that the available skin tones are subject to Mentone Educational’s stock at the time. If you cannot find a specific skin tone as mentioned below, please contact our friendly team of professionals for more information.

Prestan manikins are available in a light skin tone, medium skin tone, and a dark skin tone. If you are looking for a training manikin with a light skin tone, you do not need to look at the suffix of the training manikin, as this type of manikin does not come with one. However, if you are looking for a manikin with medium skin tone, please look for the suffix -MS. For training manikins with dark skin tones, look for the suffix -DS.

Will The Prestan Adult Manikin Slip On The Floor While In Use?

We always recommend that CPR instructors provide training on appropriate surfaces; this will prevent the training manikin from slipping during training. However, if such a surface is not readily available, CPR instructors can use the strip with the black felt dots.

The strip with black felt dots is a functional accessory that can be used in combination with various CPR training manikins. The strip is attached to the bottom of the training manikin, subsequently preventing slipping on slippery surfaces.

How Do I Clean My Prestan Adult Manikin?

Prestan manikins are easy to maintain and clean. We recommend that all instructors do this, since good maintenance can prolong the life of your training manikin considerably.

The face and the body of your manikin can be cleaned with the same techniques; this since both the face and the body are made from the same materials. To clean the surface of your training manikin, use a combination of water and soap. For more resistant staining, you can use a melanin eraser from any well-known brand.

Please note that certain cleaning solutions or liquids can cause premature damage to your Prestan manikin. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid substances such as waxes, oils, and citrus. Always check your cleaning products for these ingredients before use.

To keep your Prestan manikin sanitary during CPR classes, you can use some simple alcohol wipes to clean the manikin between students. As an extra hygiene measure, you can also combine the Prestan manikin with one of the face shields or lung bags available at Mentone Educational, which can prevent cross-contamination.

Can The Skin Of The Prestan CPR Manikin Be Replaced?

Prestan CPR manikins have an incredible lifespan. Of course, that does not mean accidental damage cannot occur; for example, if you have cleaned your manikin with incorrect cleaning products. If the skin of your training manikin has been damaged, you can acquire a replacement through a Prestan Authorized Distributor.

How Should I Store The Prestan CPR Manikin?

The Prestan CPR training manikin is best stored in a cool and clean environment. When not in use, the manufacturer recommends storing the manikin in a sturdy nylon carry bag. Please note that the dedicated carry bags for Prestan CPR manikins are available separately at Mentone Educational. We also include these carry bags with most of our packs.

Storage of the Prestan manikin should be within 50% of relative humidity and somewhat cool temperatures. Please note, if you intend to store your manikin for a period longer than thirty days, it is advised to remove the batteries from the CPR Rate Monitor inside the manikin.

When you store your Prestan manikin according to the instructions, you can prolong the lifespan of your manikin. While maintaining your manikin does take a little extra work, it does mean adding a couple of years to the overall life of this useful training device.

More FAQ’s

What Situations Can This Manikin Help Prepare For?

There are many emergencies the Prestan Adult Manikin can help prepare for. One emergency is cardiac arrest, since the feedback on chest compressions teaches students the best methods on how to increase someone’s survival chances when this problem occurs.

Of course, other CPR techniques can be trained with the Prestan Adult Manikin too; this includes mouth-to-mouth and opening the airways before CPR commences. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Prestan Adult Manikin is considered as a standard amongst CPR instructors.

Is This CPR Manikin Easy to Transport?

Most CPR instructors look for manikins that are easy to transport; this since classes are not always provided in the same environment. CPR instructors can give their training in schools, but also community centres and workplaces across the country. Given the mobility of the average CPR instructor, the manikins must be quite mobile too.

Fortunately, a quality manikin such as the Prestan Adult Manikin is easy to transport. The Prestan manikin comes with its own carry bag, which will make transport easier, but also protect the Prestan Adult Manikin against damage while it is being transported. Of course, the carry bag can also keep the manikin protected while it is not being used.

Is this an Affordable CPR Manikin Option?

Mentone Educational provides many CPR manikins at different prices, but the Prestan Adult Manikin is undoubtedly a cost-effective option. Even though Prestan is one of the most prominent brands with high-quality manikins, the brand remains remarkably affordable for most CPR instructors.

When you choose the Prestan Adult Manikin for your CPR classes, you will receive more than the Prestan Adult Manikin alone. Each CPR instructor will receive AA batteries for LED light operation, 10 face shields, and 10 lung bags, so class may commence immediately. Of course, as mentioned briefly in the previous section, the Prestan Adult Manikin also comes with a convenient carry bag.

Please note that Mentone Educational provides more quality manikins from the Prestan brand. We also have manikins from other brands available, so if you would like to compare the available options, be sure to look at our latest catalogue.

Can you use a Pocket Mask with a BVM on the new Prestan Professional Manikin?

You can use either a Pocket Mask alone or a Pocket Mask with a BVM on the Prestan Professional Manikin.


What is the purpose of the black felt dots that come with the manikin?

The felt dots are backed with adhesive and may be applied to the four corners of the manikin’s underside. This will help to prevent the manikin from sliding when administering CPR on a smooth floor surface.


The CPR Rate Monitor lights on my adult manikin are not working properly.

There are a few things to check when your monitor lights are malfunctioning:
   1. Make sure you are compressing fully, you should hear the clicker when fully compressed.
   2. Replace batteries and recheck. Two AA batteries are installed in the battery compartment behind the left shoulder of the manikin.
   3. The clicker, which drives the monitor lights, may be malfunctioning. Contact your distributor or Prestan for a replacement clicker.

How do you replace the batteries?

The compartment for the batteries is on the upper left side of the back of the manikin. Once the batteries are replaced, the lid is easily re-inserted by lining up the two tabs on the top of the compartment and pushing the lid into place.


Have a further question about the Prestan Adult Manikin? For more information about this Prestan manikin, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mentone Education team. Our team can be reached via telephone, email, or instant messaging.


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