Prestan Infant - Pack of 4

An economical four pack of Prestan Infant Manikins

The state of the art Prestan Infant CPR manikin is available in a economical and easy to use 4 pack. The Prestan infant is the most anatomically accurate and realistic manikin for its price range on the market. With LED feedback and articulating joints this is the perfect manikin for students at all levels
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Mentone Educational is pleased to present the state of the art Prestan Infant manikin pack in a convenient 4 pack. 

The Prestan infant manikin is the most affordable manikin on the market which provides objective feedback to allow users to produce quality CPR which ensures that they are ready for real world basic life support situtations.

The Prestan Infant CPR manikin has the following feedabck

  • Clicker to provide feedback to the user when they are prssing on the chest cavity with correct depth
  • LED Lights on the nappy to show correct speed of compression 
  • Warning lights to provide feedback to user that they are going above the guidelines of 120 compressions per minute
  • Rise and fall of chest for correct ventilation of lungs

The range of prestan manikins are designed to be as anatomically accurate as possible and the infant is no exception. The infant manikin has lifelike limbs and realistic skin tone to emulate an infant. The manikin head is weighted to ensure that correct head position is possible

Each four pack of manikins also include a 50 pack of lung bags (specifically designed face shields sold separately) which create a safe environment for training.

AA batteries are required to run the LED lights in each manikin (not included). 

The prestan range comes with a three year warranty on all of the manikins and are built in the US so there is a high degree of quality control.

Get Your Infant CPR Training Manikins For The Best Price At Mentone Educational!

Investing in several infant training manikins can be expensive for new instructors. Fortunately, these instructors can count on Mentone Educational and countless manikin sets and packs from well-known brands.

One of the packs available at Mentone Educational is the Prestan Infant – Pack of 4. Inside this pack, instructors will find four high-quality infant training manikins from the Prestan brand, each equipped with a high-end feedback system. To learn more about the amazing manikins inside this set, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

What Is The First Benefit Of The Prestan Infant Manikin?

The Prestan Infant Manikins have quite the realistic look and feel. Naturally, this certainly contributes to the overall realism of CPR training.

Prestan has made the infant manikin with realistic body contours and skin feel. Of course, the realism of the infant manikin also includes some brilliant features; this includes the face and head tilt required to practice CPR techniques properly. It helps students to master opening the airways during CPR, much like you would be able to practice similar techniques on adult manikins.

What Is The Second Benefit Of The Prestan Infant Manikin?

To ensure realism for all groups in CPR classes, the Prestan infant training manikins come in a variety of skin tones; this includes light, medium, and dark. Please note that the availability of these skin tones is also subject to the stock availability of Mentone Educational. If you are looking for a specific skin tone for your training manikin and cannot find it in our catalogue, be sure to contact Mentone Educational for additional info.

What Is The Third Benefit Of The Prestan Infant Manikin?

Prestan manikins also contain an advanced CPR rate monitor. The monitor has a variety of functions yet is mainly meant to help students master their CPR skills faster and better.

The basic principle of chest compressions can be rather simple but delivering 100 compressions per minute is not that easy for beginners. Once a student has practiced enough, they know what 100 compressions per minute feels like. With the help of the monitor, students can make sure the correct amount of compressions is provided.

Most displays of the feedback system are situated on the front of the shoulder of a training manikin. However, since there is limited room on the shoulder of an infant manikin, the display is situated on the diaper of the infant manikin instead.

The feedback system of the Prestan Infant Manikin consists of several lights. When the correct amount of chest compressions is provided, more specifically 100 per minute, the two green lights will appear. When an incorrect amount of chest compressions is given, a single green light, yellow light, or a red light will appear. So, when a student is not giving the right amount of chest compressions, the student can correct himself or herself without interference of the instructor.

Please note that the latest CPR rate monitor can be obtained separately from the Prestan Professional Infant Manikin. If you already have an infant manikin from Prestan, but if it is installed with an outdated CPR rate monitor, you can order the latest CPR rate monitor separately.

Please note that the feedback system of the Prestan Infant Manikin is not limited to the light system. The system also includes the traditional clicker, which will make an audible sound when the right compression depth is achieved. So, instructors should always advise students on achieving the audible click as well as the correct compression speed on the lights system.

What Is The Fourth Benefit Of The Prestan Infant Manikin?

One of the main reasons why a lot of CPR instructors acquire a Prestan infant manikin is its easy setup. The overall construction of the Prestan infant manikin allows the chest to be opened; this is referred to as the clamshell design. By opening the manikin so easily, instructors can also install lung bags for the CPR training without problems.

Please note that the installation of lung bags in Prestan infant manikins requires dedicated lung bags for infant manikins. Lung bags are included inside this set of Prestan infant manikins. However, when you run out of lung bags, you can always visit us again and purchase additional lung bags separately.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Other Infant Manikins?

Our Prestan infant manikins are some of the most popular options in our catalogue. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot take full advantage of other manikin brands; this includes the Basic Buddy. So, if you want to keep your options open, be sure to check out our online catalogue or check out the collection in the Mentone Educational showroom.

Do you require more information about our range of infant manikins? Be sure to contact our team for additional information via live chat or telephone.


More FAQ's

The CPR Rate Monitor lights on my infant manikin are not working properly.

   1. Make sure you are compressing fully, you should hear the clicker when fully compressed.
   2. Replace batteries and recheck. Two AA batteries are installed in the battery compartment of the monitor unit located in the diaper area.
   3. The LED monitor may be malfunctioning. Contact your distributor or
Prestan for a replacement monitor.


The diaper area of my Infant Manikin bubbles up when I give compressions.

Remove the diaper section and tuck in all skin sections. Reattach the diaper section pushing down on the unit as much as possible and continue holding down while screwing in the screws.


How do you replace the batteries?

The compartment for the batteries is located under the “diaper area” of the manikin. Open the cover to the CPR Rate Monitor by using a small flat-edged screwdriver in the slots on sides and gently lifting. Remove the CPR Rate Monitor unit from the well. Squeeze the tabbed area to open the battery compartment and replace the batteries. Once the batteries are replaced, snap the lid back into place, return the CPR Rate Monitor unit to the well and snap the diaper cover back into place.


It is too hard to do compressions on my Infant Manikin with 2 fingers. How can I adjust this?

We strive to make the Prestan Manikins as similar to real-life as possible. The density of the chest foam used for our Prestan Professional Infant Manikins could be at the higher end of our specifications. Although still true-to-life, a stronger compression force may be required. If you are experiencing difficulties with compressions, please us.


How do I change the batteries in the Infant Manikin? 
The batteries power the CPR Rate Monitor, which is located under the cover on the front of the diaper area. Use a flathead screwdriver in the slots on the sides of the cover to easily wedge/pop it out. Then slide out the monitor. The battery replacement door is marked on the monitor and takes 2 AA batteries.


Have a further question about the Prestan Infant Manikin? For more information about this Prestan manikin, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mentone Education team. Our team can be reached via telephone, email, or instant messaging.


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