Sani CPR Family Set - 2 Adults 1 Child 1 Infant


A package of CPR manikins designed to stretch your training dollar.
$1,653.76 ex GST
$1,819.14 inc GST

The Sani CPR Family Pack is a combination of two Economy Adult Sani-Manikins, one Sani-Child, and one Sani-Baby manikin.

The easy-to-install airways eliminate the need to clean the units between students. The manikins can be surface cleaned after each session. The foam filling offers resistance for the practice of chest compression and the head tilt/chin lift procedure opens the airway for ventilation. The package includes a carry bag, 100 Adult Face Shield Lung Systems, 100 Child Face Shield Lung Systems, and 100 Baby Face Shield Lung Systems.

Get All The Manikins You Need For CPR Class With Our Sani CPR Family Set!

When you have to buy a lot of manikins for your CPR classes, your wallet may be stretched a little too thin. Still, you can always count on Mentone Educational to provide you with an affordable range of manikins, without having to compensate on quality.

One of the affordable multipacks of CPR training manikins is the Sani CPR Family Set. Inside this set, customers can find two adult manikins, a child manikin, and an infant manikin. In short, everything required to complete the equipment required for a well-rounded CPR class.

What Are The Benefits Of Sani CPR Training Manikins?

Even though it is one of our more affordable brands, Sani certainly delivers when it comes down to functionality. Each of the manikins contains the essential features people are looking for in their training manikins, so it is certainly a brand that must be considered.

When you choose Sani CPR training manikins, you can count on the fact that your manikins have all the accurate anatomical landmarks; this includes the sternum, ribcage, substernal notch and others. Naturally, this provides students with better insight on hand placement as well as the overall correct execution of their learned CPR techniques.

How Do I Keep These Sani CPR Training Manikins Clean During CPR Classes?

One thing that can be challenging for CPR instructors is keeping their equipment sanitary during CPR class; this since many students tend to practice with the same CPR manikin. Of course, even if you are lucky enough to provide one manikin per student, the manikin must still be disinfected for future classes.

There are several ways to keep your Sani CPR training manikins sanitary during your CPR classes. Most instructors will use one of these methods, while others use a combination to ensure maximum hygiene.

One of the methods to maintain your manikins is the use of lung bags and face shields. The face shield is applied to the mouth of the manikin; this shields the manikin’s mouth from bacteria during the execution of mouth-to-mouth. Lung bags are inserted into the manikin, and catch the air from the mouth-to-mouth, leaving the internal structure of your training manikin flawless.

Please note that the use of lung bags does come with an additional benefit. In addition to keeping the internal structure of your manikin sanitary, it also creates a more realistic rise and fall of the chest. So, if you want to add more realism to CPR training and give your students true insight on how the body responds to CPR, we certainly recommend the use of a lung back.

Finally, instructors can also use alcohol wipes to keep their manikins sanitary during training. You can also use alcohol wipes to clean your manikins after class. We especially recommend cleaning the chest area, as this area comes in contact with many student’s hands, which are often carriers of bacteria.

The supplies mentioned above are available separately at Mentone Educational. However, many of our multipacks already include face shields and lung bags. So, before you make an additional purchase, please check if your multipack already contains the supplies you need. If you should run out of your supplies, you can always return to Mentone Educational and order more.

Why Should I Choose This Combination Of Adult, Child, And Infant CPR Manikins?

CPR is different on various patients, so it is essential to demonstrate how different it can be; this does not only relate to technique, but also to the landmarks patients should be looking for on a patient’s body.

A good example of the differences between CPR techniques can be found between adult and infant CPR techniques. The landmarks on an adult’s body are much more prominent than those on an infant. Subsequently, this can make CPR on infants a little more difficult. However, with the proper training and by getting acquainted with the appropriate landmarks, your students can master CPR techniques for infants too.

Please note that Mentone Educational provides various infant manikins. Each of our infant manikins provide the required landmarks, enabling you to teach your students infant CPR without much trouble. A lot of these manikins are available separately as well. So, if you only require an infant manikin  for your CPR classes, we urge you to check out the individual options in our catalogue.

Can I Test Sani CPR Training Manikins Before I Purchase Them?

Many customers prefer to test our manikins before they purchase them; this is understandable, since buying lots of manikins can be an investment. If you wish to test these manikins yourself, we urge you to pay a visit to our Mentone Educational showroom. During your visit, you can get familiar with our CPR equipment and test the CPR manikins you are interested in.


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