Economical four pack perfect for trainers

The Prestan Ultralight AED trainer four pack is designed to offer an affordable alternative to other AED trainers whilst ensuring that you can be confident in your first air training resources.
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$803.00 inc GST

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer the Prestan Ultralight AED / Defibrillator 4 pack. This trainer AED is desinged for a trainer in large groups offering an ecnomical solution whilst also maintaining the quality of the Prestan brand.

The Prestan Ultratrainer includes the following features:

  • Programmed to be utilised in two languages
  • 5 scenarious available
  • The AED has the ability to be switched between semi automatic to fully automatic to be able to repicate both scenarious that a student is lilely to face in the real life scenario
  • Turn compression metronome on and off 
  • Turn rescue breathes on and off

This range of Prestan AEDs is designed to make hands on training accessible with affordable first air supplies.

Discover the Ultimate AED Trainer for Your CPR Classes!

Mentone Educational provides a range of AED trainers for CPR instructors. These AED trainers can enrich any CPR class, since it allows the proper training for automated external defibrillation.

In our large range of AED trainers, we now have the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer. Not only does this trainer enable proper AED instruction, it is also an affordable alternative to other AED trainers out there.

Why Should I Choose the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer Over Other AED Trainers?

All the AED trainers at Mentone Educational are of the highest quality and provide benefits for your CPR classes. However, the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer combines automated external defibrillation with full-on defibrillation training. Therefore, this is an affordable and effective addition to advanced CPR training.

What Are the Main Features of the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer?

The Prestan® AED Ultratrainer is packed with features that benefit all the techniques taught during CPR and AED training. The trainer can also provide instructions in two different languages, which could also contribute to training in a major way.

When instructors use the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer during training, they can choose one out of five scenarios. Each of the scenarios can mimic a genuine emergency, ensuring students are more prepared when they should encounter such a situation in the real world.

During the training, instructors can also choose between a fully automated and semi-automatic instructions. Both scenarios are a possibility with AED equipment in public places, so this convenient trainer prepares students for both types.

In addition to the regular AED functions, the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer also comes with a compression metronome; this metronome can be turned on or off as required. It also includes a function to turn the rescue breathes on or off, which could prove useful for practicing mouth-to-mouth techniques.

When Do I Need to Buy New Pads for the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer?

Each of the pads on the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer has a special adhesive on the back. The adhesive can withstand between 50 to 60 applications, after which the pads must be replaced. If replacement pads for the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer are required, please contact Mentone Educational.

Instructors can increase the lifespan of the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer pads by using them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also advised to put the pads in the inside of the Pad Case between classes; this prevents the adhesive from drying out prematurely or from encountering dust and other unwanted compounds that could affect their functioning.

Can I Use the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer on Other Training Manikins?

Prestan is a manikin brand, which obviously can be used in combination with the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer. However, instructors who already have a range of CPR training manikins from another brand do not need to worry, since the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer can be used in combination with other CPR training manikins.

Please note that even though the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer has been tested on other CPR training manikins in the past, the correct functioning of the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer on other training manikins cannot be guaranteed. If you are uncertain, we recommend stopping by at the Mentone Educational showroom to test the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer or call up a member of our team for advice.

Does the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer Interact with Other AED Trainers?

Instructors can use the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer to interact with other AED trainers. However, the AED trainers in question must remain within the signal range of the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer. Please note that floors such as carpet can reduce the range of the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer as well.

Is the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer Suitable for Beginners?

Even though the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer is quite the advanced AED trainer, it is certainly more than suitable for instructors who are adding the AED trainer to their CPR classes for the first time. The instructions for the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer are quite straightforward and require minimal preparation.

Of course, certain instructors prefer a more basic version for their CPR classes; this helps them figure out how to incorporate the AED trainer into their classes and how it can contribute to their students’ overall skills. At Mentone Educational, instructors can find some basic AED trainers individually, but we also have some affordable starter kits that include all the equipment your will require for this type of training.

Can I Obtain Prestan Manikins for the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer at Mentone Educational?

As we mentioned earlier, most manikin brands work perfectly fine with the Prestan® AED Ultratrainer. However, if you prefer the quality and efficiency of the Prestan brand, you can acquire Prestan CPR manikins from Mentone Educational too.

For more information about our Prestan® AED Ultratrainer or Prestan manikins, please head over to our “CPR, Basic Life Support & First Aid” catalogue.


The trainer scenario doesn’t advance past “put pads on the manikin”.

Prestan training pads have a unique and patented sensing system. Be sure that the sensor, the round white disk in the center of the training pad’s adhesive side, is firmly adhered to a surface. 


How long will my pads last?

The adhesive on the back of Prestan Pads will last through approximately 50-60 applications. Remove and discard the plastic protective film from new pads and adhere the pads to the insides of the Pad Case between uses. This will extend the life of the adhesive.


What do I do when my pads no longer stick to the manikin?

AED Trainer Pads are a consumable item and are not covered under warranty. Replacement pads may be purchased from your distributor.


Will the pads work on a manikin that isn’t Prestan?

Yes, the special adhesive works best on Prestan manikin skin, but it has been tested with other manikins and will work fine with most.


Will the Prestan Remote for the AED Trainer work with more than one AED Trainer?

The Prestan AED Trainer Remote will control all the AED Trainers within its signal range.  The range extends from the remote in a “V” pattern, widening with distance.  The depth of the range will vary, extending 10-20 feet away from the remote (a hard-surfaced floor will bounce the signal and may allow the depth of the range to extend 20 feet while a carpeted floor will absorb the signal, keeping the depth of the range closer to 10 feet).


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