Life/form® Micro-Preemie Simulator - Dark

Offers training on many commonly performed procedures

Simulates a 25-week neonate - the smallest, most realistically proportioned pre-term infant available.

Nearly one out of every eight newborns arrive prematurely.

To help you give your tiniest patients the best care possible, Nasco is proud to introduce the Life/form® Micro-Preemie. This 25-week ELBW (Extremely Low Birth Weight) neonate is the smallest and most realistic pre-term infant available. Invaluable for training nurses and parents in care and handling techniques for babies that have had multiple medical interventions; the perfect team training aid for multiples or other high-risk delivery and transport scenarios. The baby can be ventilated and will accept a functional ET tube, NG tube, umbilical catheter, and IV line, as well as a non-functional chest tube and stomas. Detachable neural tube defect and omphalocele. Includes diaper, hat, lubricant, 3 cc syringe, 25 G. butterfly needle and blood powder. Hat color may vary. NG tube size 5 FR. ET tube size 5 mm ID. Simulator dimensions: 12" long, 4" deep, and 18-1/2" across from hand to hand. Five year warranty.

Features and Functions:

Breathing - pulse bulb to manually simulate breathing rate volume.

• Ventilation - molded-in lung produces a visible chest rise when ventilated by mouth; trachea and pharynx are not anatomically correct, but will accept a functioning endotracheal tube.

• GI - one nostril will accept a functioning NG tube (tube passes through the body and liquids will either drain away from the body or into the diaper); optional stoma can be plugged into a permanent site on the abdomen.

• Umbilicus - soft, lifelike umbilicus has a patent vein and two arteries; umbilical stump functions like a cork, plugging into a small cavity molded into the abdomen (cavity can be used as a reservoir for blood drawn through a catheter or to receive fluids and the drain exits from the diaper area); a separate umbilicus represents an optional omphalocele.

• IV Access - several typical sites have embedded tubing that can accept an IV catheter; one is functional, allowing the administration of fluids, which will drain from the diaper area.

• Chest Tube - a permanent site in the baby’s side accepts a nonfunctioning chest tube.

• Neural Tube Defect - An optional structure representing an open neural tube defect can be inserted into the back.

• Various monitors, sensors, electrodes, etc., can be attached to the manikin wherever needed.


  • Airway, breathing, and ventilation
  • •Chest tube
  • •Cleaning and diaper changing
  • •Delivery
  • •GI
  • •IV access
  • •Monitoring
  • •Neural tube defect (Myelomeningocele)
  • •Observation and measurement
  • •Scenarios
  • •Simulated breathing
  • •Skin and wound care
  • •Skin is very soft and lifelike
  • •Stoma care
  • •Suction
  • •Umbilicus with optional omphalocele
  • •Various monitors, sensors, electrodes, etc., can be attached to the manikin wherever needed
  • •Ventilation
SKU LF01281U
Brand Nasco

5-year warranty

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