Male Baby-Care-Model

This baby boy will never lose its patience.

Parents-to-be or the baby care trainee can perform bathing, changing, dressing and feeding simulation until these techniques are mastered. Very useful for pre-birth courses!

The 3B Baby Care Model was developed in close cooperation with pediatric nursing professionals. This trueto-life model of a newborn male baby is suitable for a variety of different training procedures: Changing the baby‘s diaper All common changing techniques using disposable or cloth diapers may be practiced. Baby oil, cream, or powder should not be applied.Feeding and administration of medicine Positioning of the baby for breast and bottle feeding as well as the administration of medication with a dropper can be practiced. Please only use water to keep the inner connection to the urethra clean.

Obtaining urine specimens A connection between the mouth and the urethra allows the administered liquid to be excreted after a short period. To simulate urine specimen collection, a standard urine collection bag may be used.Dressing and undressing The dressing and undressing of a baby can be practiced with standard newborn clothing. Picking up, carrying, and positioning of a baby The natural weight of the baby and the flexibility of the arms and the legs allows all movements necessary for picking up, carrying, and positioning a baby. To practice proper head support, the head tilts backwards if the baby is incorrectly held. Washing, cleaning of mouth, eyes, ear and nose To practice the correct positioning of the baby during bathing, the 3B Baby Care Model may be placed in warm water.Mouth, eyes, ears and nose may be also cleansed with a gauze pad or cotton swab. The use of a special bulb syringe for nose cleaning is also possible. In order to demonstrate the prevention of the intrusion of water into the ear, the flaps at the entrance to the ears may be closed with light pressure from the thumb and middle finger. Taking a rectal temperature Standard rectal thermometers may be used to simulate the taking of a rectal temperature.Examination of fontanelles and testicles The soft skin of the head allows palpation of the anterior and posterior fontanelles.
A realistic palpation of the testicles can also be practiced.


Brand 3B Scientific
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