Bariatric Training CPR Manikin - Light

Perfect for training for Bariatric Patients

Train with the Life/From Bariatric Car Manikin to be ready for all situations. This high quality manikin with real anatomical land marks provides a unique CPR training option
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$1,320.28 inc GST

Mentone Educational offers a large range of CPR and Basic life support training manikins. Our range of Nasco / Lifeform products are specifically designed to ensure the highest level of fidelity for training.

The Lifeform Bariatric CPR Manikin is a unique manikin in the market which is designed with the student in mind to replicate a patient who is overweight / obese and obese

The manikin is available as either Light skin  LF03750 or Dark Skin LF03749  tone.

The Manikin features the following specifications:

  • An appearance of a victim who is elderly
  • The manikin has an oversized body / torso which has excess "fat"
  • A high quality head and neck which therefore has an accurate head tilt and chin alignment to ensure that this replicates the requirements during CPR to ensure an open airways
  • Accurate and realistic anatomy including positioning of the sternum, palpable rib cage. The user can also identify the substernal north
  • This manikin also includes an airway which can simulate chocking 

The training solution comes with the following

  • 3 x Mouth / Nosepiece
  • 3 x disposable lungs
  • 1 Carry bag

This high quality product is complete with a 3-year warranty to ensure you can be comfortable with the range and quality.

Equip yourself with the very best CPR and training manikins through Mentone Educational.

The Best CPR Training Manikin for Bariatric Training

When your students are practicing CPR, they usually must practice on several different manikins to master the learned techniques. For this purpose, instructors often obtain a variety of manikins their students can practice on; this includes infant and adult manikins, but also bariatric manikins. To learn more about the functionality of the bariatric manikin, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

What Is a Bariatric Training Manikin?

A bariatric training manikin is designed for the practice of CPR techniques on overweight patients. Since certain reference points can be difficult to find on a bariatric patient, practicing on a dedicated training manikin can certainly help to master lifesaving techniques.

Which Bariatric Training Manikins Are Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational has a number of bariatric training manikins available; this includes the Bariatric Training CPR Manikin, which is available in a light and a dark skin tone.

The Bariatric Training CPR Manikin has the appearance of an elderly patient who has an oversized torso; this to simulate the appearance of excess fat. The training manikin comes with a quality head and neck, which enables the instructor to demonstrate accurate head tilt and chin alignment.

To ensure students can train properly for CPR training on bariatric patients, the manufacturers of this manikin have ensured an accurate and realistic anatomy. The training manikin includes an accurate positioning of the sternum as well as a palpable ribcage. The substernal north can also be detected on this training manikin.

Does the Bariatric Training Manikin Come with Additional Accessories?

When you choose one of our Bariatric Training CPR Manikins, you will also receive several mouth/nose pieces, disposable lung bags, and a carry bag that makes the transport of this manikin a lot easier.

Please note that face shields, lung bags, and carry bags are also available separately at Mentone Educational. So, if you run out of any of these supplies, you can easily obtain them from our store.

What Other Specialist Training Manikins Are Available at Mentone Educational?

As we mentioned before, Mentone Educational provides a range of specialist manikins that can enhance your CPR training. In addition to the bariatric training manikins, we also provide manikins that can provide feedback during CPR class.

Our manikins with feedback can prove particularly useful for students who need to master the techniques they have learned. Feedback manikins also prove useful for larger CPR classes, enabling students to practice on their own without needing additional assistance from the instructor.

There are various feedback systems available for training manikins. There are audio and visual systems, each with their own range of benefits. A good example of a visual system is the Brayden CPR Manikin with Blood Circulation Display. With this manikin, CPR instructors can demonstrate the effects of CPR on the blood flow of patients.

At Mentone Educational, you can also get a training manikin that comes with a light system. The light system consists of green lights and red lights. When incorrect compressions are provided, the system will provide a red light. If correct compressions are given, the training manikin will show green lights. Of course, there are also some variants on this system.

Mentone Educational can also provide instructors with a bunch of accessories to enhance training. One of the accessories available is the AED trainer, which can train students in automated external defibrillation. We even have infant training manikins to make infant CPR even more realistic.

Want to get the most from your CPR training? Be sure to check out our entire catalogue with CPR training manikins and accessories to uncover the full range!


The training solution comes with the following

  • 3 x Mouth / Nosepiece
  • 3 x disposable lungs
  • 1 Carry bag
  • 3 year warranty
SKU LF03750
Brand Nasco
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