Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit

Includes a Range of Bleeding Stick on Moulages & Makeup

This simulated wound kit has been designed for use in emergency training for more advanced wounds.

$1,810.08 ex GST
$1,991.09 inc GST

An assortment of cotton balls, cotton applicators/swab sticks, tongue depressors, tissues, makeup sponges, and spatulas are also included in this kit.

• Bleeding strap-on wounds complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly
• Compound fractures of humerus, upper arm (2)
• Compound fractures of femur, lower leg (2)
• Assorted stick-on injury simulations (5 one-doz. pkgs.)
• Makeup palette (1)
• Scissors (1)
• Mirror (1)
• Measuring cup (1)
• Atomizer mist sprayers (2)
• Casualty simulation wax (2)
• Body adhesive for stick-on wounds (2)
• Bottles coagulant makeup blood (2)
• Powder to make 3 gallons of simulated blood (3 pkgs.)
• Methyl cellulose for blood thickening (1)
• Broken Plexiglas® for simulating glass-embedded wound (2 pkgs.)
• Fake dirt (2)
• Glycerine for perspiration (1)
• Cold cream (1)
• Mineral oil (1)
• Charcoal (1)
• Latex compound to simulate scars (3)
• Petroleum jelly (2)
• Pressure sensitive tape (2)
• Plastalene Modeling Paste, white (1)
• Plastalene Modeling Paste, dark (1)
• Makeup liners each in red, blue, brown, white, yellow, black, & flesh (2)

All You Need to Know About the Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit!

The Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit is a popular item at Mentone Educational. It is commonly used for the training of first aid responders, but also aspiring doctors and workplace staff.

Want to know more about the Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit? Read the information below to determine if this kit is a proper fit for your goals.

Who Would Benefit from Using this Kit?

Our Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit could be used by a variety of medical professionals and educators, since there are countless applications for this kit where training is concerned. With the Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit, it is possible to simulate certain life-threatening situations with simulated wounds and severe fractures; this could help prepare first responders for real-life emergencies.

Of course, clinicians in training are not the only ones who could benefit from using the Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit during their training. It could also prove useful in workplaces that could be considered as dangerous working environments. With the Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit, employers could prepare their staff for emergency situations that could occur in the workplace, subsequently preparing them better and reducing the chance of panic.

What Are the Benefits of Using Realistic Simulation Kits?

When you train someone to deal with emergency situations, theory will only take you that far. People who will deal with emergencies must be prepared to face the uglier side of such situations; this may include broken bones and serious wounds.

Encountering a genuine emergency for the first time can be incredibly daunting, even for medical students who shine in the classroom! With one of our Advanced Casualty Simulation Kits, educators can prepare students better by simulating such an emergency.

When a student has received training with an Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit, there is a reduced chance that the student will freeze or panic. Even though it is not a guarantee, a realistic kit certainly prepares everyone better for when a genuine emergency arises.

Are Simulated Wounds Easy to Apply?

This is a question we often receive at Mentone Educational, because many believe that making wounds look realistic is quite the impossible task. While it may require years of training for makeup specialists at movie sets, this is not the case for our Advanced Casualty Simulation Kits, which make the application of wounds easy and straightforward.

The Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit is designed to make wound application easy, even for customers who never had any instructions in makeup. The kit also comes with its own set of instructions, which you can easily follow when the kit is required during training. Of course, it always helps to read the instructions beforehand; this could make the training a little quicker.

Is the Simulated Wound Kit Reusable?

Most educators who visit Mentone Educational for a wound simulation kit will use it repeatedly, so it is important to know if a simulation kit could be reused or not. With our Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit, there are several items that can be reused. Of course, there are some items that might need replacing over time, which we will explain in a little more detail below.

Items such as the strap-on wounds, compound fractures, and similar items are all reusable. They are also the most important part of this kit, since these are the items that will be used most by educators for training. So, if this was your main concern, you can rest assured your Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit will stand the test of time.

There are some things inside the kit that may need replacing over time though. However, items that require replacing are available individually from Mentone Educational, so you are certainly not obligated to buy an entirely new kit just to obtain those items.

Some of the items that may require replacing over time are items such as bottles of coagulant blood, body adhesive, petroleum jelly, and similar products that can only be used one time. Fortunately, these items are not expensive and are easily obtained.

Does Mentone Educational Provide More Casualty Kits for Training Purposes?

Mentone Educational has more casualty kits available for educators, schools, and medical professionals in training. To see a full overview of the casualty simulation kits we have available, please refer to the simulation section on the Mentone Educational website.

Do you have a question about the Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit or any of the other casualty simulation kits available on the Mentone Educational website? Or would you like to speak to a member of our staff about your intended purchase? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Mentone Educational via telephone, email, or instant messaging. Alternatively, you can also speak to one of our representatives face-to-face by visiting the Mentone Educational showroom. Of course, during this visit, you can view our Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit in person!


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