Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Single

Nasco Lifeform

The Baby Buddy Manikin is a full body infant manikin with realistic landmarks for the teaching and practice of paediatric CPR.

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The Baby Buddy Manikin includes 10 lung/mouth protection bags, an insertion tool and an instruction manual. 

Baby Buddy Manikin include:     

  • Sanitary one-piece lung/mouth protection system
  • Economical each student can have their own manikin
  • Low-Cost disposable lung/mouth protection bags  no messy cleanup
  • Lung/Mouth Bag installs easily (tool included)

Why Is the Basic Baby Buddy the Perfect Addition to the Training Equipment of a CPR Instructor?

Mentone Educational is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of CPR training manikins. Aside from adult manikins, we also provide baby and infant manikins, one of them being the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin. If you wish to learn more about this manikin and its benefits for your CPR training as a CPR instructor, be sure to read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

How Can the Basic Baby Buddy Enhance My CPR Training Class?

When you teach basic CPR to your students, it is a common mistake to solely provide adult CPR. Infant CPR is currently in high demand, especially with professionals who work in a day care, nursery, or preschool.

By adding infant CPR to your CPR training classes, you will attract a larger number of students. You can also provide your students with complete training; this includes basic adult CPR but also infant CPR, which could be a lifesaving difference in the real world.

Does the Basic Baby Buddy Provide Realistic CPR Training?

One of the most important benefits for CPR instructors when it comes down to their training manikins is realism. By providing realistic training, students can become better prepared for real-life emergencies.

The Basic Baby Buddy can add a lot more realism to CPR training through its unique design. The Basic Baby Buddy is designed to give a realistic chest rise when ventilated, so when a student gives mouth-to-mouth, the chest will provide a realistic movement that mimics that of a real-life patient.

When you look at the Basic Baby Buddy, you will also notice that all the anatomical structures are in the correct place; this enables CPR instructors to teach their students correct hand placement and mouth-to-mouth techniques for infants.

How Is the Basic Baby Buddy Sanitised?

CPR instructors must keep their infant manikins sanitised; this between students as well as between classes. Fortunately, the Basic Baby Buddy is designed for quick maintenance, ensuring CPR instructors do not lose a lot of time between students.

One of the ways to keep the Basic Baby Buddy Sanitised is using a lung and mouth protection system. When inserted into the Basic Baby Buddy, the protection system will provide a realistic rise and fall of the chest. However, this system also shields the manikin from bacteria that can be transferred by the student’s mouth or breath. When the student finishes his or her practice, the CPR instructor simply adds a new lung and mouth protection system, enabling the next student to start his or her training.

The lung and mouth protection systems that go inside the Basic Baby Buddy are disposable, so no additional cleaning is required after using them. They are also quite affordable, so even CPR instructors who teach large classes on a regular basis will have no problems using these tools in their training.

To install the lung and mouth protection systems inside the Basic Baby Buddy, each CPR instructor will receive a special lung and mouth bag insertion tool. The tool comes with the purchase of your Basic Baby Buddy, so you do not have to make a separate purchase.

Mentone Educational does provide lung and mouth protection systems separately, so you can refill your stock if you run low for CPR training. We also provide additional insertion tools separately. These tools can prove useful when a CPR instructor has more than one Basic Baby Buddy for their CPR training.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Basic Baby Buddy Multipacks for CPR Instructors?

CPR instructors can find Basic Baby Buddy Multipacks in our catalogue, which could prove interesting for instructors who need more than one manikin for their training.


  • Removable chest for easy lung/mouth bag installation
  • Visible chest rise when ventilated
  • Lightweight and easily transported
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Brand Basic Buddy
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