Basic Buddy CPR Manikin - Pack of 10

The Basic Buddy CPR Manikin is a dramatic, inexpensive, and state-of-the-art manikin designed for teaching individuals or large groups the life-saving techniques of CPR.

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This manikin offers a realistic and affordable way to provide each student with their own CPR manikin.

The one-piece, disposable lung/mouth protection system makes this manikin completely sanitary  there is no risk of cross contamination and no need to sanitize the manikins after use! The airway opens using the head tilt/chin lift method, and there is a visible chest rise when ventilated. The xiphoid process provides an anatomical reference point for hand placement and compressions. The manikin also features both adult and child capabilities. Basic Buddy manikins are simple to assemble and provide trouble-free maintenance. Rugged carrying bags make transporting the Basic Buddy™ convenient . Consists of 10 adult/child manikins, 100 lung/mouth protection bags, ten lung insertion tools, two carrying cases, and two instruction manuals.

Discover The Advantages Of Our Basic Buddy CPR Manikin (Pack Of 10)

Mentone Educational regularly provides multipacks with CPR training manikins, which can be a more economical solution for CPR instructors who require a large quantity of training manikins. One of  the multipacks that appears to be popular among CPR instructors is the Basic Buddy CPR Manikin Pack Of 10.

The Basic Buddy CPR Manikins are known to have a bunch of features, quite useful for CPR instructors who want to get the most from their training and give the best possible experience to students. To get more familiar with the main benefits of these training manikins, please read the information provided by our team below.

What Is the First Advantage Of The Basic Buddy CPR Manikin?

One of the big advantages of a Basic Buddy CPR Manikin is that it eliminates the need for a lengthy clean-up. Some manikins require a lot of sanitising and even long disassembly; this is not the case with the Basic Buddy CPR Manikin.

The Basic Buddy CPR Manikin can be wiped down after a class with a simple alcoholic wipe. The manikin can also be combined with lung bags and/or face shields, which can simply be removed and replaced for each student.

What Is The Second Advantage Of The Basic Buddy CPR Manikin?

Basic Buddy Manikins do not weigh a lot; this means these manikins are extremely portable. A lot of instructors have to travel several times on a daily basis, so having light manikins that are easy to transport could prove useful in more ways than one.

The multipacks available at Mentone Educational also include a useful carry case. As mentioned before, being mobile is extremely important for each CPR instructor, so adding these carry cases to your collection could certainly be beneficial.

What Is The Third Advantage Of The Basic Buddy CPR Manikin?

Another major advantage of the Basic Buddy CPR Manikins is that they are remarkably affordable. Buying a lot of CPR training manikins can be quite the investment, so finding an affordable pack is often a priority for many CPR instructors.

When you choose a multipack with the Basic Buddy CPR manikins, you certainly get an affordable selection. Naturally, all these manikins come with all the essential features for proper CPR instruction.

What Is The Fourth Advantage Of The Basic Buddy CPR Manikin?

The easy maintenance of the Basic Buddy CPR Manikin can prove advantageous for another reason, as they can make CPR instruction a little faster for each student. In addition to being easy to maintain after class, the Basic Buddy CPR Manikins can be combined with lung/mouth protection systems.

Lung and mouth protection systems protect the internal mechanism of the manikin, but also the exterior such as the mouth. Once a student has finished practicing, the CPR instructor can quickly switch to another student by inserting another lung and mouth protection system.

The lung/mouth protection systems that are commonly used with these manikins can often be found in our multipacks. Of course, instructors can also buy the lung and mouth protection systems separately on our website. Once your supply runs out, simply come back to Mentone Educational to obtain the most affordable lung and mouth protection systems.

Can I Test The Benefits Of The Basic Buddy CPR Manikin In Person?

CPR instructors have the opportunity to test the Basic Buddy CPR Manikin in person, simply pay a visit to the Mentone Educational showroom. During your visit, you can view and experience the quality of Basic Buddy CPR Manikins. You can even request a demonstration, after which you can make a more informed decision.


  • No Messy Cleanup
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Economical - Each Student Can Have Their Own Manikin
  • Totally Sanitary, One-Piece Lung/Mouth Protection System
  • Realistic Chest Rise
  • Unique Airway System Opens and Closes with Proper Technique
  • Simple-to-Use
  • Tough and Durable
  • Rebreathing Airway
  • Anatomically Correct with Palpable Landmarks
SKU LF03695
Brand Basic Buddy
Shipping Weight 0.8000kg
Shipping Width 0.220m
Shipping Height 0.190m
Shipping Length 0.190m
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