Prestan Child Manikins - Pack of 4

Child CPR Manikin with feedback

The Prestan Professional CPR child manikin is designed with the student in mind providing real time feedback on the quality of the CPR. As a pack of 4, it is the ideal product for training in groups.
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The Prestan Professional range of CPR manikins are pleased to present the range of child manikins in a four pack. This manikin is the most cost effective and practical child manikin on the market to educate students and a great tool for CPR providers

The pack of four manikins includes:

  • 4 individual child manikins with CPR monitor
  • A pack of 50 child lung bags
  • 1 singular carry case for the manikins
  • 3 Year manufacturer warranty

The Prestan Professional CPR child manikin is designed with the student in mind providing real time feedback on the quality of the CPR. The CPR is indicated with three different colour lights which indicate speed and depth of compressions. The feedback is provided with LED lights on the shoulder of the manikin and is indicated as follows:

  • 1-59 Compressions per minute - compression rate is too slow
  • 60-79  compressions per minute- Student is impriving but speed needs to be increased
  • 80-99 compressions per minute with a single green light- Student is performing good quality CPR but needs to improve to be optimale
  • 100-120 two green lights indicate stduents are in the zone of high quality CPR

The Prestan child manikin is available in a single pack, a four pack and also as parter of the family and stater packs.

AA batteries are required to run the LED lights in each manikin (not included). 

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Prestan’s Professional Child Manikins

Many instructors like to diversify when it comes to the manikins for their CPR training. Fortunately, Prestan is a brand that can deliver those diverse manikins, as the brand provides anything from infant manikins to adult manikins.

Prestan has also created child manikins for CPR training. Naturally, there are some differences between child manikins and adult manikins. If you want to learn more about the differences as well as some of the features accompanying Prestan child manikins, please read the information below.

What Is The Difference Between The Child Manikin And The Adult Manikin From Prestan?

A Prestan Child Manikin has less dominant body structures than an adult manikin. Facial features and body structures are adjusted to match those of the child, so the structures are thinner and smaller than those on the adult manikin. Of course, this also means the child manikin is made to be most realistic.

The Prestan Child Manikins are available in three different skin tones; this includes light, medium, and dark. Please note that manikin skin tones are subject to the stock of Mentone Educational. If you are looking for a child manikin with a specific skin tone and cannot find it on our website, do not hesitate to contact our team via chat or telephone. Alternatively, you can also drop by at our showroom for more information or a demonstration of the manikin in question.

What Is The CPR Rate Monitor That Comes With The Prestan Child Manikin?

Child CPR Manikins from Prestan are equipped with the CPR Rate Monitor; this is a system that provides instant feedback to the student while practicing. Of course, the system can also be used by instructors to check if students are executing the techniques correctly.

The feedback system that comes with this child manikin will teach students how to provide the ideal 100 compressions per minute. When this occurs, two green lights will appear. When a student is not doing the correct amount of compressions, one green light, a yellow light, or a red light will appear. Each indicate a specific amount of compressions.

Please note that Prestan Child Manikins are available without the feedback system as well. So, if you like the quality of Prestan manikins, but do not have the budget for an additional feedback system, then the regular Prestan child manikins can still be an option for you.

Customers who buy the regular Prestan child manikins always have the option to upgrade their manikin later. CPR Rate Monitors can be bought and installed separately; this also applies to Prestan manikins equipped with outdated systems. When in doubt, you can contact Mentone Educational to see if your Prestan manikin is compatible for the new system.

What Additional Feedback Systems Are Included In The Prestan Child Manikins?

The light system is only one of the two feedback systems included in the Prestan child manikins. The Prestan Child Manikin also comes with an audible clicker, which is still a must for most training manikins out there.

An audible clicker may be one of the most basic systems in the world of CPR manikins, it is essential for students to determine if they are exercising the right compression depth. While this may also be indicated on the light system, the audible clicker gives students an instant response in terms of compression depth. Thus, students can adjust the strength of their compressions immediately.

What Are The Additional Benefits Of The Prestan Child Manikins?

Prestan is a brand that is known for superior quality, so this is something you can expect from these child manikins. They are also fast and simple to use, benefits that are undoubtedly appreciated by many CPR instructors.

The Prestan Child Manikins can be set-up for CPR training very quickly. The torso of the manikin has a clamshell design, enabling instructors to put in the lung bag and face shield fast! Instead of having to mess around with insertion tools, the clamshell design can save you an incredible amount of time.

Prestan Child Manikins are also easy to maintain. Both the interior and exterior of the manikins can be cleaned with a damp cloth, put into some soap and water. However, we do advise not to use too much water, as this can influence the material over time. Customers should also avoid products that contain wax, oil, or citrus. So, always check your cleaning and maintenance products before you use them.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Other CPR Training Manikins?

In addition to child manikins, customers can find other Prestan manikins at Mentone Educational; this includes infant and adult CPR manikins. We also offer a range of accessories for Prestan manikins. For more information or examples of the products we offer, please refer to our CPR catalogue.

More FAQ’s

Can you use a Pocket Mask with the new Prestan Professional Manikin?

The pliable face skin on the Prestan Professional Manikin makes it ideal for use with a Pocket Mask.

Can you use a Pocket Mask with a BVM on the new Prestan Professional Manikin?

You can use either a Pocket Mask alone or a Pocket Mask with a BVM on the Prestan Professional Manikin.

What is the purpose of the black felt dots that come with the manikin?

The felt dots are backed with adhesive and may be applied to the four corners of the manikin’s underside. This will help to prevent the manikin from sliding when administering CPR on a smooth floor surface.

The CPR Rate Monitor lights on my Child manikin are not working properly.

There are a few things to check when your monitor lights are malfunctioning:
   1. Make sure you are compressing fully, you should hear the clicker when fully compressed.
   2. Replace batteries and recheck. Two AA batteries are installed in the battery compartment behind the left shoulder of the manikin.
   3. The clicker, which drives the monitor lights, may be malfunctioning. Contact your distributor or 
Prestan for a replacement clicker.

How do you replace the batteries?

The compartment for the batteries is on the upper left side of the back of the manikin. Once the batteries are replaced, the lid is easily re-inserted by lining up the two tabs on the top of the compartment and pushing the lid into place.

Have a further question about the Prestan Child Manikin? For more information about this Prestan manikin, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mentone Education team. Our team can be reached via telephone, email, or instant messaging.


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