Prestan Infant CPR Manikin

Cost Effective Infant Manikin with Feedback

The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin is perfect for trainers and students alike. Providing a highly economical training solution with feedback and realism. Available in singles, family packs and packs of four with face shield and lung bags
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Mentone Educational is pleased to present the Prestan Professional Infant CPR Manikin with real time Feedback. 

The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin is the most realistic cost effective infant manikin on the market. The manikin is realistically weighted with articulating joints an anatomically accurate body strucutre and a high degree of realism with skin texture. The prestan range is focused on creating a high degree of immersion with head weight and movement.


  • Clicker for correct compression depth
  • LED Lights on the nappy to provide feedback on correct speed 
  • Warning light which will show if over 120 compressions per minute have been reached

The Prestan Manikin range is world known for fantstic feedback through LED lights giving indication of depth and speed of compression. The newest update of the manikin includes a red light to indicate when users have more than 120 compressions per minutes (in line with american heart association guidelines). The manikin is also fitted with a clicker to provide feedback in the form of a click when the correct compression depth is achieved.

Given the low energy useage of the LED lights the battery lasts with average useage for a number of months.

The prestan single manikin comes with a start pack of lung bags and specifically crafted face shields.

The infant is available in single, 4 packs, family packs or part of the Mentone Educational Starter pracks. The range has a 3 year warranty on any manufacturer faults.

Cost-Effective & High-Quality: Discover The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin!

The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin is a stalwart in the world of CPR training manikins. Many instructors prefer the quality this brand provides, as well as the outstanding quality. Since the Prestan Infant CPR Manikin is one of the finest options in our catalogue, let us take a closer look at the benefits this infant manikin provides.

What Makes The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin Stand Out From Other CPR Infant Training Manikins?

A Prestan Infant CPR Manikin stands out considerably because of its realism as well as light weight. Each manikin comes with sculpted body contours as well as a realistic feel. Realism is one of the cornerstones of CPR training, so these benefits cannot be underestimated.

The Prestan Infant Manikin also comes with an outstanding CPR rate monitor. The monitor ensures that students are providing the right number of compressions per minute. The rate monitor is displayed on the diaper of the manikin; this includes two green lights, a red light, and a yellow light.

In addition to the CPR rate monitor, the Prestan Infant Manikin also comes with an audible clicker. When the correct compression depth is achieved, the clicker will make an audible sound. So, if the clicker cannot be heard during chest compressions, it means the student is not providing the right compression strength.

Having an infant CPR training manikin with feedback system is beneficial for both students and instructor. When a class is busy or has many students, the CPR instructor can spend more attention to the students who really need it, as a feedback system provides them with automatic correction. Of course, it is also beneficial for students, as it enables them to keep practicing and master the techniques without having to wait for the instructor.

What Variants Of The Individual Prestan Infant CPR Manikin Are Available?

Customers can purchase the Prestan Infant CPR Manikin individually on Mentone Educational. We also provide Prestan infant manikins in multipacks, enabling instructors to take full advantage of better deals on multiple infant CPR manikins.

Please note that Prestan has designed the Prestan Infant CPR Manikin in three skin tones. Therefore, customers can obtain this infant manikin in light, medium, and dark skin tones. Naturally, available skin tones are subject to Mentone Educational’s stock. If you cannot find the Prestan Infant CPR Manikin in the skin tone you require in the online catalogue, do not hesitate to contact Mentone Educational.

Do I Have To Clean The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin?

Prestan infant CPR manikins are incredibly durable, but this does not mean that additional maintenance cannot contribute to the overall lifespan of your training manikin.

CPR manikin maintenance is quite straightforward with a brand such as Prestan. To clean the exterior and the interior of the Prestan Infant CPR Manikin, simply use a combination of water and soap on a damp cloth. For more persistent stains, you can also use most common household cleaning products.

Please note that certain substances can cause premature damage to your training manikins. Compounds such as oil, wax, and citrus should be avoided at all cost. If you are considering using a household cleaner to get rid of persistent stains on your training manikin, be sure to check the ingredients before you start using it.

To clean the interior of the Prestan infant manikin, instructors can simply open the torso on the manikin; this since the latest Prestan manikins are made  with clamshell design. The clamshell design comes with some additional advantages too, as it makes the insertion of lung bags a whole lot easier.

Instructors who want to keep their CPR manikins as sanitary as possible during CPR training should certainly consider using alcohol wipes in addition to lung bags and face shields. Lung bags and face shields will form a barrier between the student and the manikin, while the alcohol wipes can be used to get rid of any remaining bacteria.

Do you have to store the Prestan Infant CPR Manikins for longer than thirty days? If you need to store your manikins a little longer, be sure to remove the batteries from the CPR rate monitor before you store your manikin. By doing so, you will prevent damage to the battery and the monitor.

Does Prestan Provide Child CPR Manikins Too?

Yes, Prestan has an entire range of CPR training manikins in various skin tones; this includes infant, child, and adult manikins. If you wish to view more CPR manikins from Prestan, simply head over to our online catalogue for more information.

Would you like to view our range of training manikins in person? You can also get familiar with our range of CPR manikins by visiting our Mentone Educational showroom. Our team of representatives will be more than happy to introduce you to the available options.

More FAQ's

The CPR Rate Monitor lights on my infant manikin are not working properly.

   1. Make sure you are compressing fully, you should hear the clicker when fully compressed.
   2. Replace batteries and recheck. Two AA batteries are installed in the battery compartment of the monitor unit located in the diaper area.
   3. The LED monitor may be malfunctioning. Contact your distributor or
Prestan for a replacement monitor.


The diaper area of my Infant Manikin bubbles up when I give compressions.

Remove the diaper section and tuck in all skin sections. Reattach the diaper section pushing down on the unit as much as possible and continue holding down while screwing in the screws.


How do you replace the batteries?

The compartment for the batteries is located under the “diaper area” of the manikin. Open the cover to the CPR Rate Monitor by using a small flat-edged screwdriver in the slots on sides and gently lifting. Remove the CPR Rate Monitor unit from the well. Squeeze the tabbed area to open the battery compartment and replace the batteries. Once the batteries are replaced, snap the lid back into place, return the CPR Rate Monitor unit to the well and snap the diaper cover back into place.


It is too hard to do compressions on my Infant Manikin with 2 fingers. How can I adjust this?

We strive to make the Prestan Manikins as similar to real-life as possible. The density of the chest foam used for our Prestan Professional Infant Manikins could be at the higher end of our specifications. Although still true-to-life, a stronger compression force may be required. If you are experiencing difficulties with compressions, please us.


How do I change the batteries in the Infant Manikin? 
The batteries power the CPR Rate Monitor, which is located under the cover on the front of the diaper area. Use a flathead screwdriver in the slots on the sides of the cover to easily wedge/pop it out. Then slide out the monitor. The battery replacement door is marked on the monitor and takes 2 AA batteries.


Have a further question about the Infant Manikin? For more information about this Prestan manikin, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mentone Education team. Our team can be reached via telephone, email, or instant messaging.



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