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These charts are ideal for teaching human anatomy, patient education and medical studies. In every context you need the human body chart – whether in the classroom or in a clinical setting – the posters and charts give a colourful, diagrammatic overview of the body and its parts.

Simple to display and store, the charts and posters provide a streamlined way of enhancing your students’ medical education. Less bulky than a life size model, and filled with more vital information, the posters provide an easy means through which to learn and retain information.

An excellent addition to body charts in the classroom or doctor’s office, you're guaranteed to find what you need from the human body posters.

Human body anatomy chart for use in the classroom

The benefits of posters as a secondary or tertiary educational tool are manifold. Their visual nature means memory storage and recollection of information is a breeze, while the concise written definitions provide a straightforward memory cue as to the body part’s function.

They can be stored in the classroom for spontaneous lessons, without taking up a significant amount of space.

A favourite of Australia’s educational sector, the human body posters can be combined with other learning tools, such as flash cards, for a richer learning experience.

Also for use in medical settings, the human body charts provide for easy explanations

For your patient education needs, Mentone Educational’s human body chart selection provides for simple explanation prior to medical procedures, or when relaying diagnoses. In easy to understand terms, the medical professional will be able to explain human body and physiological afflictions, helping the patient to understand their own body.

What makes us the leading company for anatomical charts?

Since 1979, we have been Australia’s trusted medical model suppliers, aiding medical education around the country. We have become the leading provider of educational tools, providing a personal level of service and superior product knowledge.

Browse our easy-use online catalogue to see what we have in stock, and easily place your order online. With CPR manikins and blood pressure machines – and everything in between – we have you covered, Sent straight to your door, the medical tools will prove to be indispensable in your set of teaching tools.

The Anatomical Charts at the Mentone Educational Centre

Our charts are educational tools that have been used for centuries to educate medical professionals. They are also used in biology classes in school to teach younger students about the human body. The applications of these charts are endless. So, let us take a closer look at our range of charts available at the Mentone Educational Centre.

Human Body Charts for kids

Even though we specialise in educational and support tools for medical professionals, Mentone Educational Centre has a selection of charts for kids too. In our catalogue, you can find detailed charts of the structure of the head, brain, eyes, ears, teeth, chest, and much more. Each part of the human body can be explained in detail with an human body chart; this is one of the reasons why schools like to teach their students with one of our human body charts for kids.

Anatomical Software

Since technology is extremely important in the education of medical students nowadays, but also to explain certain procedures to patients, it is only natural that some charts are provided in the form of software. At Mentone Educational, you can find human body software that can provide a full three-dimensional image of the human anatomy; this does not only include the overall human body, but also detailed anatomy of the heart, shoulder and other parts of the human body.

Brain Disorders

Some conditions require detailed explanations. Brain disorders certainly belong to that category; this is one of the reasons why medical professionals and students rely on a detailed chart of brain disorders. These brain disorders charts are available at Mentone Educational.

Our brain disorder charts are commonly used in clinics and schools. We offer our brain disorder charts with either a hard or soft laminate finish; this enables you to mount them or put them in a frame for the purpose you have in mind.


Mentone Educational also offers human body charts explaining various types of cancer; this includes ovarian and skin cancer. Each of the charts shows an accurate definition of the cancer in question, but also covers other things such as cancer stages, symptoms and treatments. Therefore, these human body charts could be of tremendous value for medical professionals working with cancer patients.


The heart is a complicated structure, so patients suffering from heart disease or heart problems can find it difficult to grasp the details of the problem. The cardiovascular disease charts available at Mentone Educational can provide patients with an accurate view of several cardiovascular-related problems.

Endocrine Disorders

Our anatomical charts of endocrine disorders display the anatomically correct location of the glands and how they release hormones. They also explain how they contribute to important body functions and how the body can use calories to power cells and organs. These charts are especially useful for obese patients or patients suffering from an endocrine disorder.

Eye, Ear and Dental Problems

Our anatomical chart range also includes several anatomically correct charts of the conditions relating to the eyes, ears and teeth. Each of the charts show the structure of the eyes, ears or teeth, but also how the disorder affects those parts of the human body. Therefore, these charts could be extremely valuable for general practitioners, nurses and other medical professionals.

Flash Cards

Our flash cards could be extremely valuable for medicine students, since they could help students to master structures such as the skeletal system. Some schools and educational facilities may be interested in these flash cards too, since they provide students with the ability to memorise difficult material efficiently.

Flip Charts

The flip charts at Mentone Educational are popular with general practitioners and schools. A flip chart covers various aspects of the human body, but also a range of disorders. Therefore, one of our flip charts could give a complete overview of the matter at hand.

Healthy Lifestyles

Many general practitioners, nurses, dieticians and other specialised medical staff are focussed on making their patient live a healthier lifestyle. Of course, it can be difficult to make a patient see the damage an unhealthy lifestyle causes without the necessary aids. With our healthy lifestyle charts, medical professionals have a better way to explain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but also the problems a continued unhealthy lifestyle could cause.

Other Anatomical Charts Available at Mentone Educational

The human body charts described above are just some of our most popular options. There are many other charts available in our catalogue; this includes charts on infectious diseases, muscular and skeletal disorders, pocket charts, reproductive disorders, respiratory and digestive disorders, structures, systems, vet/animal charts and much more.

To get a full overview of the charts we could offer for medical professionals, please head over to our online catalogue containing the human body charts. Alternatively, you could contact Mentone Educational or visit our showroom to get more information about available anatomy charts that meet your requirements.