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Anatomical charts are ideal for teaching human anatomy, patient education and medical studies. In every context you need the human body chart – whether in the classroom or in a clinical setting – the posters and charts give a colourful, diagrammatic overview of the body and its parts.

Simple to display and store, the charts and posters provide a streamlined way of enhancing your students’ medical education. Less bulky than an anatomical model, and filled with more vital information, the posters provide an easy means through which to learn and retain information.

An excellent addition to anatomy charts in the classroom or doctor’s office, you're guaranteed to find what you need from the anatomy posters.


Human body anatomy chart for use in the classroom

The benefits of posters as a secondary or tertiary educational tool are manifold. Their visual nature means memory storage and recollection of information is a breeze, while the concise written definitions provide a straightforward memory cue as to the body part’s function.

They can be stored in the classroom for spontaneous lessons, without taking up a significant amount of space.

A favourite of Australia’s educational sector, the anatomy posters can be combined with other learning tools, such as flash cards, for a richer learning experience.

Also for use in medical settings, the anatomy charts provide for easy explanations

For your patient education needs, Mentone Educational’s human body anatomy chart selection provides for simple explanation prior to medical procedures, or when relaying diagnoses. In easy to understand terms, the medical professional will be able to explain anatomical and physiological afflictions, helping the patient to understand their own body.

What makes us the leading company for anatomical charts?

Since 1979, we have been Australia’s trusted medical model suppliers, aiding medical education around the country. We have become the leading provider of educational tools, providing a personal level of service and superior product knowledge.

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