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Anatomical Model Standard Skeleton

Anatomical Model Standard Skeleton

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3B Scientific

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What Is the ORTHOBONES Standard Femur?

The ORTHOBONES standard femur is a training bone, often used by medical students. It is an ideal anatomical model for demonstrations in the classroom, but it could also be used in a doctor surgery for patient education.

Naturally, the ORTHOBONES Standard Femur has some benefits patients should be aware of. Firstly, the ORTHOBONES Standard Femur is anatomically accurate and contains realistic haptics. It enables simple handling and features a two-component structure that enables easier demonstration. Therefore, medical professionals and teachers should certainly consider obtaining this anatomical model for their classroom or clinic.

What Is the ORTHOBONES Standard Humerus?

The ORTHOBONES Standard Humerus from 3B Scientific is an addition to the 3B Scientific premium collection. It is a high-quality training bone, which means this anatomical model could be an addition to the standard femur model we described earlier.

Like the anatomical model we described earlier, the ORTHOBONES Standard Femur is anatomically accurate and has realistic haptics. It also enables easier handling and has the two-component structure that makes demonstrations a little easier.

What Is the ORTHOBONES Standard Hemi Pelvis (m)?

The ORTHOBONES Standard Hemi Pelvis (m) is a training pelvis, used by medical students, teachers and medical professionals for patient and student education. The ORTHOBONES Standard Hemi Pelvis (m) provides the same benefits as previously described anatomical models; this includes anatomical accuracy, realistic haptics, a two-component structure and simple handling.

What Is the Anatomical Models about Intervertebral Disc on Nylon?

3B Scientific’s Anatomical Models about Intervertebral Disc on nylon is used for patient and student education. The anatomical model displays all the human cartilaginous discs, which have been placed on a nylon thread to show their accurate sequence.

Since learning about the cartilaginous discs can be complicated on paper, having something a bit more tangible can be more beneficial for patients and students. Therefore, this anatomical model of the cartilaginous discs cannot be missing from a classroom or doctor surgery.

What Is the Anatomical Model Standard Skeleton?

Skeletons are common sight in classrooms all over the world. Anatomically correct skeletons are not only used for the education of medical students, but also secondary school students who need to learn more about the human skeletal structure. Of course, the skeleton model has additional uses as well. Therefore, they are also used in laboratories and hospitals.

The Anatomical Model Standard Skeleton is a German quality anatomical model. It has been hand-assembled to guarantee maximum durability. It also has removable legs and arms, which makes demonstrations in schools and hospitals more convenient.

In addition to having an excellent tool for patient and student education, the Anatomical Model Standard Skeleton also comes with a three-year guarantee. So, if you are concerned about quality and are looking for an anatomical model that can stand the test of time, then the Anatomical Model Standard Skeleton from 3B Scientific is a must-have.

Where Can I Find More Anatomical Models from 3B Scientific?

3B Scientific has many other anatomical models available for medical professionals, teachers and students. To get a clear overview of all the anatomical models from 3B Scientific available at Mentone Educational, please head over to the brands section and select “3B Scientific” from the dropdown menu.

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