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Do you need supplies for your first CPR class? Save some money by getting all your supplies in one starter pack. Mentone Educational provides the manikins, consumables, and additional trainers in the most affordable CPR starter packs. Browse the range today!


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The Benefits of Mentone Educational Starter Packs for CPR Instructors!

CPR instructors who are looking to obtain the best training equipment for their classes should certainly consider getting one of the starter packs for CPR instructors, currently available at Mentone Educational.

The starter packs at Mentone Educational have a bunch of benefits, which we have listed below. If you are curious why you should obtain one of the starter packs from Mentone Educational, be sure to read the information below.

What Is the First Benefit of the CPR Instructor Starter Pack?

Choosing one of the CPR starter packs from Mentone Educational could be more affordable for new instructors. Buying supplies for your CPR classes can be pricey, especially when you still need things such as manikins and AED trainers. At Mentone Educational, we can provide special offers on starter packs, saving you some money at the same time!

When you choose one of the starter packs from our range, you can usually count on a combination of manikins and additional trainers such as the automated external defibrillator trainer and the EpiPen. So, if you need all these supplies, a starter pack could turn out to be more affordable than buying each of the items individually.

What Is the Second Benefit of the CPR Instructor Starter Pack?

Our CPR instructor starter packs can include some useful accessories as well. These accessories include face shields and lung bags, two items that are commonly used in combination with a CPR training manikin.

Face shields ensure the manikin stays sanitary for each student, even if you have multiple students to teach. Before a student commences mouth-to-mouth, the face shield is placed over the mouth of the manikin. Once the student is done and the next student commences training, the face shield can be replaced.

CPR instructors can also use lung bags, which also provides hygiene benefits. Certain germs can be spread through the air. When a lung bag is inserted into the manikin, the student’s breath is caught into the bag. Then, the bag can be removed and a new one inserted once it is time for another student to pick up mouth-to-mouth.

Lung bags also have an additional function. When they are inserted into the manikin, they create a more realistic rise and fall of the manikin’s chest. So, if a realistic CPR training experience is important to you, be sure to use some lung bags during your next CPR training.

Face shields and lung bags are available in our starter packs, ensuring CPR instructors do not have to purchase them separately. However, if you run out, you can always return to Mentone Educational to obtain more from our accessories section.

What Is the Third Benefit of the CPR Instructor Starter Pack?

The CPR instructor starter packs from Mentone Educational are also suitable for experienced CPR instructors, especially instructors who teach larger classes. When instructing a large class on CPR, it is not uncommon for instructors to need more than one manikin. Buying multiple manikins can be an investment, but it becomes more affordable with our special starter pack deals.

At Mentone Educational, instructors can find starter packs containing several adult manikins. There are also packs that contain adult, child, and infant manikins, which could prove useful for instructors who are looking to diversify their CPR training.

Can I Find Packs Suitable for Experienced CPR Instructors?

Mentone Educational provides a large range of starter packs for new CPR instructors, but we also have packs that are suitable for more experienced instructors. Our advanced packs tend to contain more advanced trainers; this includes the AED, EpiPen, and loads more!

Many CPR instructors shop for their supplies online, but we must mention that many visit our showroom as well. Visiting the Mentone Educational showroom for CPR class equipment comes with many benefits, since customers can get demonstrations of the equipment on the spot.

When visiting the Mentone Educational showroom, customers can get more familiar with the range of CPR equipment as well. It is one thing looking at available products online but looking at them in person could help you make the right decision.

What Other Teaching Aids Could I Obtain from Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational has other teaching aids available, which could help educate CPR students, but also other students in a medical field. Mentone Educational provides simulation and training equipment for nurses, doctors, firemen, and other first responders. So, if you are looking to add the right equipment to your classes, we urge you to check out the available equipment at Mentone Educational.

Do you have a question about our training equipment for CPR instructors? Or would you like to discuss another product in our simulation section? For more information about any of our products, please contact the Mentone Educational team via email, telephone, or the instant messaging function.