Mentone Educational provides a large range of child and infant manikins, which enable instructors to give a wider spectrum of CPR instruction to their students. With these manikins, it is possible to demonstrate the correct CPR techniques for children and infants, so be sure to acquire one of these manikins to enrich your CPR training!


Prestan Child Manikin - Single

Prestan Child Manikin - Single

Prestan Manikins

$300.00 ex GST
$330.00 inc GST

12% OFF RRP $374.00
Prestan Child Manikins - Pack of 4

Prestan Child Manikins - Pack of 4

Prestan Manikins

$1,020.00 ex GST
$1,122.00 inc GST

7% OFF RRP $1,210.00
Prestan Family Set - Pack of 2 Adults 1 Child & 2 Infants

Prestan Family Set - Pack of 2 Adults 1 Child &

Prestan Manikins

$1,225.00 ex GST
$1,347.50 inc GST

6% OFF RRP $1,430.00
Sani CPR Family Set - 2 Adults 1 Child 1 Infant

Sani CPR Family Set - 2 Adults 1 Child 1 Infant

SKU: 100-2157

$1,653.76 ex GST
$1,819.14 inc GST

Discover the Benefits of Adding Child and Infant Manikins to Your CPR Classes!

Many CPR instructors use adult manikins for most of their CPR classes. However, some instructors add child manikins to their training as well, which helps them to demonstrate the right CPR techniques for infant and child patients.

At Mentone Educational, CPR instructors will find a large range of adult manikins, but also child manikins to enrich their training. If you want to learn more about our range of child manikins, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

Why Is a Child Manikin Important for CPR Training?

There are some crucial differences between CPR techniques used on adults and CPR techniques used on children. Since the body of a child is quite different than that of an adult, it is better to practice child CPR techniques on a child manikin.

Please note that there is still a difference between child manikins and infant manikins. It is usually best to have a combination of adult, child, and infant manikins; this enables you to provide the full spectrum of CPR training.

Should I Obtain a Single Child Manikin or a Multipack?

The number of manikins you obtain usually depends on the size of your CPR class. If you have more than five students to teach, it is best to obtain more than one manikin. If each group of five students has a manikin to work with, you will find that CPR training becomes more efficient.

In addition to manikins, it is certainly worth considering some extras to include in your training. Most of these extras are available separately, but they are also available in our multipacks.

One of the multipacks where you can find extras is the Prestan Family Starter Set. The Prestan Family Starter Set consists of adult, child, and infant manikins, but also an EpiPen, lung bags, face shields, and an AED trainer. Naturally, these extras could make training more efficient and more in-depth.

How Should I Transport CPR Manikins?

The transport of manikins is extremely important for CPR instructors, especially since many CPR instructors are incredibly mobile. Fortunately, there are some advised ways to store and transport your manikins.

One of the items you could use for easy transport is one of the manikin carry bags for manikins available from Mentone Educational. Most of our packs already contain such a carry bag, so you are not obligated to purchase them separately.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Special Deals on Manikins and CPR Class Equipment?

Mentone Educational is dedicated to providing the most affordable manikins without compromising on quality. Even though our manikins are quite affordable already, we regularly provide special deals and offers to our valued customers.

Customers who do not want to miss a special deal or offer on manikins and CPR equipment in the future can sign up to our newsletter. To sign up, simply enter your email address on the bottom of the page and hit subscribe. When a new offer is available, our team will inform you via email.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Manikins for Purposes Outside CPR Training?

Mentone Educational provides training manikins for a variety of first responders as well as CPR training manikins. We have special manikins suitable for EMT’s, but also firemen and other first responders who require training.

What Other Medical Training Supplies Can I Obtain from Mentone Educational?

At Mentone Educational, customers can get more than CPR training manikins, since we have other training and simulation materials available.

In addition to manikins, we provide training supplies for airway management, clinical skills, patient care, surgical simulation, and much more. So, outside of CPR training, schools and hospitals also acquire our equipment for their students.

Customers who are interested in obtaining some of our simulation and training materials can always stop by at the Mentone Educational showroom. At the showroom, customers can get more familiar with our training equipment and simulation equipment, which can undoubtedly enrich the experience of the students they teach.

During your visit to the Mentone Educational showroom, you can also request a demonstration of specific training and simulation equipment. So, if you are in doubt about one of our products or require more information, be sure to visit our showroom for some assistance.

Where Can I Find More Information About Training and Simulation Equipment Available at Mentone Educational?

For more information about our training and simulation equipment, simply click on the product name in our catalogue. Once clicked, you will be taken to another page, where you can find all the information you require.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in our product description, do not hesitate to contact our team via telephone or email. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about a product.