Infant CPR can vary considerably from adult CPR, so it is important for CPR instructors to provide the proper training with an infant manikin! At Mentone Educational, instructors can find an extensive range of infant manikins to add to their CPR classes. Check out the range below or read the information underneath the catalogue to learn more.


Prestan Family Set - Pack of 2 Adults 1 Child & 2 Infants

Prestan Family Set - Pack of 2 Adults 1 Child &

Prestan Manikins

$1,225.00 ex GST
$1,347.50 inc GST

6% OFF RRP $1,430.00
Prestan Infant - Pack of 4

Prestan Infant - Pack of 4

Prestan Manikins

$1,040.00 ex GST
$1,144.00 inc GST

5% OFF RRP $1,210.00
CPR Prompt Infant Training Manikin

CPR Prompt Infant Training Manikin

SKU: LF06002U
CPR Prompt

$173.59 ex GST
$190.95 inc GST

CPR Prompt Infant Training Manikin Set - Pack of 5

CPR Prompt Infant Training Manikin Set - Pack of 5

SKU: LF06050U
CPR Prompt

$843.24 ex GST
$927.56 inc GST

Sani CPR Family Set - 2 Adults 1 Child 1 Infant

Sani CPR Family Set - 2 Adults 1 Child 1 Infant

SKU: 100-2157

$1,653.76 ex GST
$1,819.14 inc GST

Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Pack of 5

Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Pack of 5

SKU: LF03721U
Basic Buddy

$1,292.89 ex GST
$1,422.18 inc GST

Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Single

Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Single

SKU: LF03720U
Basic Buddy

$279.73 ex GST
$307.70 inc GST

Infant Manikins for CPR Training Explained!

Mentone Educational provides a lovely range of infant manikins, which can be used for CPR training purposes. Our infant manikins are used to teach a variety of CPR students; this ranges from adult students following a CPR class or child carers who want to be prepared for serious emergencies.

What Is the Difference Between Infant Manikins and Adult Manikins?

Infant manikins are made to resemble infants, while adult manikins resemble adults. When you choose an infant manikin for your training, the manikin enables your students to master the correct hand placement for infant chest compressions, but they also learn how to give mouth-to-mouth to an infant.

As you know, there are crucial differences between adult and infant CPR. Infants have a different bone structure and their bodies are also more fragile. So, the placement of the hands as well as the strength of chest compressions will be important factors to teach during a class. Naturally, this is possible with an infant manikin from Mentone Educational.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Infant Manikins with Feedback Systems?

The infant manikins at Mentone Educational can have a feedback system. We must mention that not all our manikins are equipped with a feedback system, so it is important to check the product description of the infant manikin first.

One of the feedback systems available for infant manikins is the Prestan feedback system. The system comes with most Prestan infant manikins and consists of several lights, which can be found on the nappy of the infant manikin.

The lights on the infant manikin feedback system provide your students with the appropriate feedback. When the red light appears, the student is not giving enough compressions per minute. If this happens, it means the student must increase their compression speed.

Please note that Mentone Educational has manikins with other feedback systems as well. One of the additional feedback systems available in our catalogue is the blood circulation system, which shows a visual representation of the blood flow during CPR on the manikin itself. Naturally, this allows students to understand CPR on a much deeper level.

Is a Feedback System a Must for Manikins?

Most CPR instructors prefer a manikin with a feedback system, although it usually comes down to the personal preferences of the instructor and his teaching style. However, feedback systems are associated with loads of benefits, so it is always a good idea to read through these benefits before deciding.

One of the benefits associated with a feedback system is an increased independence for students. CPR instructors who teach large classes undoubtedly experienced what it is like not being able to give every student the attention they need. However, when you have a manikin with feedback system, students can correct themselves when they make a mistake. Naturally, this gives CPR instructors a lot more time to answer more detailed questions.

Feedback systems can also prove useful during overall student instruction. When you demonstrate the correct chest compression technique, you can show students the correct response from the feedback system. When a student fails to reach the accurate chest compression speed during their practice, the red light will appear. Once this happens, the instructor can tell the student what the consequences are of such an incorrect chest compression speed. So, your students will get more knowledge from it.

There are more feedback systems to be found on our manikins, although these feedback systems are not as common with infant manikins. Another prime example of a feedback system is a blood circulation feedback, which displays the speed and direction of the blood flow onto the manikin. As you may expect, this type of feedback provides students with more insight on the effects of CPR.

What Other Manikins Can I Find at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational has other manikins available aside from infant manikins, we also provide child and adult manikins. Each of these manikins can be used in CPR classes, so if you are a new instructor looking to acquire training equipment for his classes, be sure to check out the full collection of manikins on Mentone Educational.

Do you need more information about one of the manikins available at Mentone Educational? Or do you have a question about other training equipment available from Mentone Educational? For more information about any of our products, please contact our team via telephone, email, or visit the Mentone Educational showroom to speak with one of our representatives face-to-face.