CPR instructors commonly count on consumables to keep their CPR classes sanitary, but also to add more realism to their classes. If you are not yet familiar with our range of consumables, be sure to browse our range of consumables for CPR instructors. From face shields to lung bags and carry bags, you can find it all at Mentone Educational.


Prestan Face Shields & Lung Bags

Prestan Face Shields & Lung Bags

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Prestan Manikins

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Basic Buddy Face Shields - Lung Bags - Insertion Tools

Basic Buddy Face Shields - Lung Bags - Insertion T

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Basic Buddy

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CPR Prompt Face Shields & Lung Bags

CPR Prompt Face Shields & Lung Bags

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CPR Prompt

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Basic Buddy Carry Bag

Basic Buddy Carry Bag

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Basic Buddy

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Get Familiar with the CPR Consumables Currently Available at Mentone Educational!

CPR instructors who have been teaching for a long time count on Mentone Educational to provide consumables of the highest quality! Our consumables can be used for added realism but could also keep manikins sanitary. To learn more about these consumables, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

What Is a Face Shield?

One of the consumables you will encounter regularly at Mentone Educational is the face shield. A face shield can be described as a mouth cover, which is used as a barrier between the mouth of the manikin and the mouth of the student.

Before a student starts practicing mouth-to-mouth on a manikin, a face shield is placed on the manikin. As the student uses the manikin, any germs and bacteria transferred by the student’s mouth are caught by the face shield. When a new student needs to use the manikin, the face shield can be replaced with a new one.

At Mentone Educational, customers can find face shields from various brands. Some manikin brands; for example, Prestan, have their own range of face shields. Naturally, these face shields are made specifically for Prestan manikins. Of course, there are also universal face shields, which can be used with all types of manikins.

What Is a Lung Bag?

Another consumable commonly used by CPR instructors is the lung bag. The lung bag performs a similar function as the face shield, more specifically keep the manikin sanitary for several students.

When the lung bag is inserted into the manikin, it catches the breath of the student when the student performs CPR. Much like the face shield, the lung bag catches any germs and bacteria that enter the manikin during mouth-to-mouth.

Lung bags can also make CPR training more realistic. When mouth-to-mouth is performed on a real patient, the chest will rise and fall accordingly. With a lung bag inserted into the manikin, this phenomenon can be simulated during CPR training. Therefore, lung bags have almost become a standard for CPR instructors.

Like face shields, lung bags are currently available in a variety of brands. One of the brands that can be found at Mentone Educational is Prestan, a brand that delivers the Prestan face shields and lung bags for Prestan manikins. However, if you do not have a Prestan manikin, there is no need to worry. There are still universal lung bags that can be used with various manikins.

What Is an Insertion Tool?

The insertion tool is a special tool that enables CPR instructors to insert lung bags into the manikin. Most manikins are closed, which means you will need a special tool to reach the interior of the manikin. With an insertion tool, it becomes easier to insert that lung bag.

There are branded insertion tools available, but most insertion tools are universal; this means that you can use any insertion tool on any manikin.

Insertion tools at Mentone Educational can be purchased separately, but customers can also find some insertion tools in our multipacks. So, if you purchase one of our multipacks with manikins, face shields, and insertion tools, you will have everything you need to get started.

Please note that there are some manikins that can be opened on the neck and the chest. For these manikins, CPR instructors usually do not require an insertion tool. However, having one insertion tool on the side could prove useful when a lung bag gets stuck in an odd location.

Should I Get a Carry Case for My Manikins and Accessories?

Many CPR instructors purchase their manikins separately, only to find that they can be a little hard to transport. Therefore, we always recommend obtaining one of the carry cases available at Mentone Educational.

The carry cases available at Mentone Educational are specifically designed for the transport of manikins and CPR accessories such as face shields and lung bags. Check out our range of carry cases today.

Where Can I Find More Consumables and Accessories for CPR Training at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational provides a large selection of consumables and accessories. These consumables and accessories can be found under the ‘simulation’ tab on the main menu; this by clicking on the subcategory ‘CPR, basic life support, and first aid’.

Do you have any questions about our CPR consumables and accessories? For more information, please contact the Mentone Educational team via telephone, email, or the instant messaging function.