Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins 4 Pack

Stackable, space saving option for easy transport!

The Prestan Ultralite Manikin is amazingly easy to set up and is sold in a convenient and lightweight 4-pack for efficient training-on-the-go. This durable manikin offers an affordable tool for CPR training, with all the quality and realism you expect from Prestan.

$678.18 ex GST
$746.00 inc GST

Ultralite Manikins 4-pack features:

  • Uniquely fast and easy set-up
  • Stackable torsos and heads generate a compact package for transporting multiple units
  • Clamshell opening provides easy access
  • Manikin is easy to clean
  • Vinyl and latex free
  • Compatible with AED Trainer pads
  • Anatomically correct design includes xyphoid process
  • Realistic chest compressions to a 2" depth
  • Life tested to a half-million compressions
  • Three (3) year warranty
  • Realistic head tilt
  • Visible chest rise with lung bag use
  • Unique torso web design for realistic feel
    What materials are used in manufacturing Prestan Manikin Products? The manikins are a blended polypropylene and the skin is a Thermo Plastic Elastomer. 
    The Face Shields and Lung Bags are made from Polypropylene Plastic.

More FAQ's

How much does the Ultralite weigh?

The Prestan Ultralite Manikin bag, holding parts for 4 complete Ultralite manikins, weighs just 13 pounds (approximately 3 pounds per individual manikin). Shipping weight is 14.6 pounds.


My Ultralite Manikin gets jammed up when giving compressions.

The Ultralite is specifically designed to promote proper hand position. If you are having problems, please check that your hands are in the proper place and your compression angle is from directly above.


My Ultralite Manikin slides on the floor when doing compressions.

If you are using your Ultralite Manikin on bare floor, it will help to place a mat or piece of carpeting underneath your manikin to prevent sliding (and cushion knees!).


Some of the spokes popped out of the chest.

Simply unscrew the three screws on the chest plate, remove the top half of the chest plate and reset the spokes, replace the top half of the chest plate.

Discover the Benefits of the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins 4 Pack!

The Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins 4 is one of the most popular products in our range for both beginning and experienced CPR instructors. The Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins 4 Pack contains a variety of essential equipment, enabling you to take your CPR classes to the next level.

What Is the First Benefit of the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins?

Our Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins are easy and fast to set up; this is ideal for instructors who teach several classes daily and must therefore count on a quick setup and clean-up. With the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins, it is easier than ever.

For instructors, it is also important for their manikins to be easily transportable; this is also one of the features of the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins 4 Pack. The set of manikins consists of stackable torsos and heads, which makes the storage of the manikins easier and less bulky.

What Is the Second Benefit of the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins?

When you use the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins, you can also count on manikins with a clamshell opening. The unique clamshell opening that has been incorporated in the design provides much easier access to the manikins; this proves useful when instructors use additional accessories such as lung bags.

Lung bags can be inserted inside a manikin to add more realism to the CPR training and to make the manikins more sanitary. When mouth-to-mouth is practiced, the lung bags create a more realistic rise and fall of the chest. Once the student is done practising, the lung bag can be removed and replaced with another before another student starts practicing techniques. It also eliminates the need to wipe down each manikin with an alcoholic wipe.

Even when instructors use lung bags, they will also find that the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins are incredibly easy to clean. The manikins are made from a material that is quite resistant to stains. To clean the manikins after a day of CPR classes, or after a time of storage, you can simply wipe it down with an alcohol wipe.

What Is the Third Benefit of the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins?

The Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins can be combined with a variety of accessories; this includes the lung bags we mentioned earlier, but also AED trainer pads. So, when you choose the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins, you can combine your manikin with AED training.

Mentone Educational also provides a range of automated external defibrillator trainers. The available trainers can teach students how to use an AED in real emergencies, but also how to combine them with CPR effectively.

What Is the Fourth Benefit of the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins?

Another great benefit of our Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins is that they are accompanied by a three-year warranty. The warranty covers faults in construction of the manikins, so instructors are covered for any faults in the design of their manikin, even though they are extremely rare.

What Are the Remaining Benefits of the Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins?

There are countless benefits associated with Prestan Ultra-Lite Manikins, so many even we cannot mention them all. From a realistic head tilt to the durable materials used for the manikin itself, the benefits of this manikin brand are almost endless.

Please note that Mentone Educational has other Prestan manikins available; this includes specialist manikins with feedback systems. If you want to view the entire range of Prestan products before you make your decision, be sure to check out all the Prestan products in our extensive catalogue.

Do you have a question about Prestan training manikins or other products in our range? Feel free to contact our team via telephone, email, or instant messaging for more information.


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