Water Rescue Training


Our Best Training Tools and Equipment for Water Rescue

Much like firefighting training, water rescue requires some unique tools and equipment. Here at Mentone Educational, we provide instructors, teachers, and students with all the equipment and tools they require to make water rescue training more efficient. Check out some of our most popular items below to determine if they could contribute to your training.

What Is the First Recommended Tool for Water Rescue Training?

One of our most popular options for water rescue training is the Conscious Casualty, specifically designed for water rescue related to IRB. The tool was designed in cooperation with Surf Life Saving Australia; this to come up with the most effective water rescue dummy for IRB races, driver training and even tube rescue practice.

The Conscious Casualty took a whole two years to develop. After testing various prototypes, one of the best training dummies for water rescue was created. Not only is this training dummy used for IRB rescue situations, it also proves useful in jet ski rescue training and overall water rescue simulations.

With the Conscious Casualty, it becomes a lot easier for instructors to demonstrate applicable rescue techniques. It also enables students to improve on their existing techniques during a realistic demonstration and contributes to safety awareness for IRB as well. In conclusion, this is a water rescue tool most instructors will have in their personal arsenal.

What Is the Second Recommended Tool for Water Rescue Training?

Another amazing tool for water rescue training is the Rescue Dummy Offshore. The Rescue Dummy is specifically designed for offshore simulations and helicopter transit, making this a must for many first responders working on the coast.

Our Water Rescue Offshore Manikin has a weight of 60 kilograms, ensuring a more realistic rescue situation for students. The manikin is also a sturdy option, so it can withstand many training conditions; this includes BA training, helicopter safety, chute training, and more.

Since the Water Rescue Offshore Manikin is specifically designed for heights and water rescue, you will find that this manikin is a perfect choice for rescue situations that can take place at a certain height. However, this manikin does have other special features; this includes it being made from a flame retardant material and being able to withstand a fall of five to six metres in water.

Each of our Water Rescue Offshore Manikins comes with a protective overall; this extends the lifespan of the manikin itself. The overall can also be replaced over time, so even if your manikin shows a few signs of wear and tear after a couple of years, a new overall will make it look as good as new.

What Is the Third Recommended Tool for Water Rescue Training?

Our last suggestion is the Water Rescue Body Recovery Manikin. As the name suggests, this manikin is designed to train first responders in victim retrieval. Therefore, this manikin finds many training applications for police dive teams.

The Water Rescue Body Recovery Manikin weighs 50 kilograms outside of the water, but only 10 under water; this provides a more realistic training environment for students. The manikin can also withstand a fall up to six metres without getting damaged.

Where Can I Find More Essential Tools and Equipment for Water Rescue Training?

Mentone Educational has a large range of water rescue training equipment, so customers can find more than our recommendations in our catalogue. To get an overview of our full range of water rescue training equipment, please head over to the simulation section.

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