Teach Lifesaving Skills with These Child Rescue Manikins from Mentone Educational

While most instructors have no problems finding adult manikins for their classes, they often experience that child manikins are a lot harder to find. Fortunately, customers can count on Mentone Educational, who provides an exceptional range of child rescue manikins. If you wish to learn more about your options at Mentone Educational, be sure to browse through the range of rescue manikins below.

What Is the First Available Child Rescue Manikin at Mentone Educational?

One of the options available to instructors is our basic Child Rescue Manikin, which weighs 17 kilograms and is made to represent a child between 7 and 12 years of age.

The Child Rescue Manikin is created for the simulation of rescue missions; this could go from evacuations to accidents and disasters. The manikin itself has a sturdy construction as well; this ensures that plenty of simulations are possible with the same manikin.

A Child Rescue Manikin is an essential for many instructors and teachers, since one such a manikin can help prepare students for genuine emergencies involving children. Naturally, having a child involved in an emergency can be quite an emotional situation, so proper preparation is key for students who may deal with such situations in the future.

What Is the Second Available Rescue Manikin at Mentone Educational?

Some manikins need to be resistant against certain environmental factors to provide proper training; this is certainly the case for training manikins used by firefighters!

Mentone Educational has training manikins available for firefighters; this goes from adult manikins to child manikins. Firefighting manikins are categorised according to their weight. For example, a toddler manikin can weigh up to 10 kilograms and only measures 90 centimetres, while an adult manikin can weigh up to 50 kilograms and measure 180 centimetres.

Fire House Training Manikins are specifically made to withstand fire, which means they are made from a flame retardant material. Each of the manikins also has abrasion resistance; this makes the more suitable for firefighter training environments.

What Is the Third Available Rescue Manikin at Mentone Educational?

Are you looking for a manikin that could be used for most common rescue scenarios? If so, you could consider one of the general purpose child or adult manikins at Mentone Educational.

Our General Purpose Rescue Dummies are made for use in a variety of common rescue scenarios; this includes working at a height, confined space rescue, USAR, RTA, and general handling exercises. Since there are many applications for these rescue dummies, most teachers and instructors will have one in their arsenal.

Much like other manikins available at Mentone Educational, we provide the general purpose dummies in various weights and heights; this ensures a realistic simulation of the person that needs to be rescued. For example, if your rescue simulation requires a toddler, then you could choose the General Duty Rescue Dummy of 10 kilograms and 90 centimetres. Of course, other options are also available at Mentone Educational depending on your requirements.

What Other Child Rescue Manikins and Dummies Are Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational provides one of the most extensive collections of child rescue manikins and dummies. To view all available options in this category, please head over to the simulation section on the main menu and select “CPR, Basic Life Support and First Aid” from the subcategory overview. If you want to filter things down even more, head to “rescue manikins” and select “child” to get a full overview of all child rescue manikins and dummies.

Do you require more information about one of our training dummies or manikins? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mentone Educational team via telephone, email, or chat.