Our range of Adult Rescue Manikins provide a safe and realistic alternative to simulate a number of different rescue operations. Mentone Educational’s range of adult rescue manikins are meant to replicate an average adult male and can be used across rescue scenarios such as: water rescue, low voltage rescue, confined space rescue and man overboard rescue.


Flexible Rescue Randy 28kg

Flexible Rescue Randy 28kg

SKU: 100-2710

$2,684.29 ex GST
$2,952.72 inc GST

Rugged Rescue Randy - 75kg/165 cm

Rugged Rescue Randy - 75kg/165 cm

SKU: 149-1410

$4,490.61 ex GST
$4,939.67 inc GST

25 Kg Full-Body Training Manikin

25 Kg Full-Body Training Manikin

SKU: 101-088FB

$5,478.68 ex GST
$6,026.55 inc GST

What are the different ranges of adult rescue manikins?

Different rescue manikins or dummies are designed to meet different simulation and training needs. Our range of Adult Rescue Manikins cover the following different training scenarios:

  • Water Rescue Manikin – These waterproof manikins are designed specifically to be utilised by those training in and around water such as life savers, lifeguards, schools etc. Water rescue manikins are available in both the Rescue Randy and Ruth Lee range of manikins. Water rescue dummies are often designed to float by default with the ability to add additional weight to the manikin to sink below the surface of the water.
  • Fire Rescue Manikin – These highly durable Adult Fire Rescue Manikins are designed to be utilised by fire services, state emergency services (SES) and fire brigades who need to practice high risk rescues in and around fires.  These fire rescue manikins are designed to withstand extreme temperatures of 160 degrees Celsius at floor temperature and 400 degrees ceiling temperatures. Our range of Adult fire rescue manikins range from 50kg and above and are specifically designed for “snatch training” and “hot fire cell” training.
  • Drop Test Rescue Manikins and Dummies – This range of manikin is not designed for standard rescue but rather to test safety harnesses. The manikin has a specifically designed stiffer torso to put safety harnesses to their limits.
  • Ligature Training Manikins – Unfortunately the proliferation of suicide is increasing and the requirement to simulate these events is becoming more and more important. Mentone Educational offers the range of Ruth Lee Ligature manikins which allow first responders to deal with these situations.  
  • Adult Bariatric Rescue Manikin – Rescue of bariatric individuals is now a common requirement for all fire, water and general rescue scenarios. Mentone’s range of Bariatric rescue manikins are available in 90kg, 180kg and 260kg, each with the height of 180cm. These anatomically accurate representations of Adult Bariatric individuals are anatomically accurate and represent an unconscious patient giving rescuers a realistic simulation with all of difficulties associated with the rescue situation.
  • General Range of rescue manikins – Our most commonly used Adult Rescue Manikins these are available in both our Ruth Lee and Rescue Randy range of manikins. These durable manikins can be used across most rescue situations.

What brands of Adult manikins do you stock?

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer the two leading brands of rescue manikins on the market the Rescue Randy and the Ruth Lee Training manikins.

  • The Rescue Randy rescue manikin is manufactured by Simulaids / Nasco in the United States and each manikin has at least a 3 year warranty on it. The adult manikins are available in small body, large body, rugged and fire rescue. The adult is designed to replicate an average adult male in dimensions with weights ranging from 20Kg to 100kg, allowing first responders to be ready for all critical situations. The rescue randy range of manikins is widely used by the US Defense Forces.
  • The Ruth Lee Training manikins are a UK manufactured range of manikins which have a number of different categories of specially designed manikins to suit every training and simulation need.  The Ruth Lee manikins represent a human adult with a soft interior.

Contact Mentone Educational for all your rescue and first responder needs we have a team of technical experts who will be able to assist you with any query you may have.