The Best Infant Rescue Manikins at Mentone Educational

Mentone Educational provides instructors and first responders with a huge range of infant manikins and training dummies. These manikins and dummies could prove useful for a variety of training situations and simulations by adding some much needed realism. Since an infant manikin could help to prepare first responders and students better for genuine emergencies, here is a quick overview of our best infant rescue manikins.

What Is the First Recommended Infant Rescue Manikin at Mentone Educational?

One of our most popular infant rescue manikins is the Baby Rescue Manikin. Our Baby Rescue Manikin is specifically designed for water rescue situations. So, this dummy is often used for the training of lifeguards and first responders who often rescue people out of the water.

The Baby Rescue Manikin is 66 centimetres and sinks to the bottom when it is filled with water. When filled with a sufficient amount of water to add realism to the training, the manikin will weigh anything between 3 kilogram and 5.4 kilogram.

Much like the other infant manikins in our range, the Baby Rescue Manikin can create that shock effect most rescuers will experience when dealing with an infant in an emergency situation. It could help to make them better prepared for genuine emergencies, making it a valuable training tool for many instructors and teachers out there.

What Is the Second Recommended Infant Rescue Manikin at Mentone Educational?

Another good option for infant rescue purposes is our General Purpose Rescue Dummy. As the name of this training dummy suggests, this manikin is designed to simulate common rescue situations.

To ensure instructors and teachers get access to the best training dummy for their needs, Mentone Educational provides the General Purpose Rescue Dummies in a variety of weights and sizes; this goes from 5 kilogram to a 100 kilogram. The sizes also vary from 90 centimetres to 180 centimetres.

Each of the General Purpose Rescue Dummies comes with its own protective overalls. The overalls make the dummy look more realistic, but they also provide added protection against the training environment and repeated use. Naturally, this means the General Purpose Rescue Dummies have a good lifespan.

Please note that training dummies that weigh more than 20 kilograms also have a pair of gumboots; this ensures ample protection for the legs of the dummy. Since 20 kilograms is a weight that often needs to be dragged during training, the boots ensure your dummy does not show premature signs of wear and tear when this action must be performed regularly.

What Is the Third Recommended Infant Rescue Manikin at Mentone Educational?

We already mentioned a dedicated water rescue manikin, but Mentone Educational also provides another option in its range, the Water Rescue Manikin. The Water Rescue Manikin is made to simulate a human being in distress in water, allowing for lots of water rescue simulations.

Much like our previous suggestion, the Water Rescue Manikin is available in various weights and sizes. The lowest weight available is 5 kilograms, which simulates the weight of a baby. However, Mentone Educational also provides additional toddler and child weights of 8 kilograms and 20 kilograms. So, this means you will have a manikin for many different training situations.

Where Can I Find All Infant Rescue Manikins at Mentone Educational?

If you require a quick overview of our Infant Rescue Manikins, please head over to the simulation section on the main menu. In this section, you can also view other simulation equipment we have available for training situations; this also includes adult manikins, dummies, and simulators! For more information about any equipment on this page, please refer to the product description by clicking on the product title.