Cardiology 3

Medical professionals who need a highly responsive stethoscope that is suitable for both adult and paediatric patients should certainly consider the Littmann Cardiology III. If you want to learn more about this outstanding stethoscope from Littmann, be sure to read the information provided by the Mentone Educational team.


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Why Is the Littmann Cardiology III More Versatile Than Most Stethoscopes?

The versatility of the Littmann Cardiology III is undoubtedly provided by the uniquely designed chestpiece. The chestpiece of the Littmann Cardiology III has two sides. One side of the chestpiece contains a diaphragm for paediatric patients, while the other side contains an adult diaphragm.

With the versatile chestpiece of the Littmann Cardiology III, clinicians can quickly switch between low and high frequency sounds too; this thanks to the presence of so-called tuneable technology. With tuneable technology, clinicians can detect low frequency sounds by applying light pressure and high frequency sounds by applying firmer pressure.

The Littmann Cardiology III also has an open bell in its design; this part of the chestpiece can be found on the paediatric side of the chestpiece. To transform the paediatric side into an open bell, simply use the included non-chill bell sleeve to enjoy this additional functionality.

Can I Count on Superior Comfort for the Headset of the Littmann Cardiology III?

Even the headset of the Littmann Cardiology III has a remarkable design, so clinicians can certainly count on a comfortable and functional headset. Below, we have described some of the main benefits that can be obtained from this remarkable headset.

The headset of the Littmann Cardiology III has a stunning yet anatomical design; this means that the headset is made to fit the head of the medical professional perfectly. Of course, Littmann did consider that not all clinicians have the same head size, so the headset can be altered to provide the perfect fit.

Clinicians who have a larger head size can increase the size of the Littmann Cardiology III headset by pulling apart the tubes of the headset gently. The size of the headset can be decreased too; this by grabbing the headset with one hand and pressing until the desired size is reached. The headset of the Littmann Cardiology III also has comfortable soft-seal ear tips. These ear tips ensure that the stethoscope is comfortable to wear, but they also provide some benefits for the overall stethoscope acoustics.

Soft-seal ear tips provide a perfect acoustic seal when the stethoscope is in use; this means that Littmann can guarantee optimal sound transmission while reducing some of the ambient noises that can make diagnosis more difficult. Therefore, the Littmann Cardiology III becomes a serious consideration for hospital staff, since ambient noise is a common problem a stethoscope must overcome.

How Long Does a Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope Last?

Littmann guarantees maximum durability for each of their stethoscopes, and this is certainly not any different for the Littmann Cardiology III. Littmann can provide durability by using special materials in the construction of their stethoscopes; this includes next-generation tubing.

Next-generation tubing is a special material Littmann uses for the construction of all its stethoscope tubing. Naturally, the material has many benefits that could prove interesting. Firstly, next-generation tubing is more resistant to compounds such as skin oils and alcohol, making it less likely that these compounds will affect the durability of the stethoscope negatively. Next-generation tubing can also be reliably flexed, a benefit that cannot be underestimated because many clinicians prefer to fold their stethoscope into their coat pocket.

Does the Tubing of the Littmann Cardiology III Contain Any Latex?

A common concern of medical professionals who need a new stethoscope is the tubing material, since some tubing materials may contain latex. Even though latex is not an unusual compound, many people have a sensitivity to latex. In some rare cases, the compound could cause allergic reactions.

To prevent this problem with the Littmann Cardiology III, Littmann uses next-generation tubing, which is completely free of latex. Of course, in addition to being latex-free, you can also count on the additional benefits we mentioned earlier.

Which Medical Professionals Prefer the Littmann Cardiology III for Their Daily Practice?

The Littmann Cardiology III may have been constructed with cardiologists in mind, there are countless other medical professionals that prefer the optimal acoustics, versatility, and durability of the Littmann Cardiology III. Medical professionals that prefer this stethoscope include critical care nurses, general practitioners, paediatricians, registered nurses, and many others. So, when you need a reliable choice for a medical profession, it does not get much better than the Littmann Cardiology III.

Why Should I Choose Littmann Over Other Stethoscope Brands?

There are many different brands of stethoscopes available today, so clinicians certainly have a range of choices to go through before making their final decision. Still, Littmann is one of those brands that is hard to ignore.

The Littmann brand has been an industry standard for quality stethoscopes for years; this includes classic stethoscopes, but also an electronic stethoscope range. The brand is known to innovate and improve their products over time, so when you buy one of the latest Littmann stethoscopes, you can be sure that you will have a top-of-the-line stethoscope for your practice.

Of course, clinicians do not have to buy the latest release from the Littmann brand to enjoy the full functionality of the Littmann stethoscope. Even some of the older models provide outstanding acoustics, which may prove interesting to medical students who find themselves on a budget for the purchase of their stethoscope.

How Do I Determine If the Littmann Cardiology III Is the Right Choice for Me?

Clinicians who are in doubt about their new stethoscope can always visit the Mentone Educational showroom. In our showroom, you can get familiar with various high-quality stethoscopes from the world’s most renowned brands; this includes Littmann. Once you are familiar with this range, you can make an informed decision and obtain the stethoscope that matches your preferences and requirements perfectly.