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Basic Buddy CPR Manikin -  Pack of 5

Basic Buddy CPR Manikin - Pack of 5

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Basic Buddy

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Advanced and Affordable CPR Training Manikins at Mentone Educational!

A good CPR manikin is an integral part of CPR training. CPR instructors visit Mentone Educational regularly to find their teaching equipment, and our range of CPR manikins is certainly a big part of that!

Want to know more about the CPR manikins currently available at Mentone Educational? Want to learn how they can enrich your class? Find out by reading the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

What Is a CPR Trainer Starter Pack?

Our CPR trainer starter packs provide CPR instructors with the essentials they require for their first CPR class. They are most suitable for CPR instructors who do not have their own manikins or other related supplies yet.

There are several basic CPR trainer starter packs available at Mentone Educational. However, we also provide more advanced versions for CPR trainers who want to expand on their current CPR class supplies; this includes more advanced manikins, but also AED trainers.

What Is a Blood Circulation Display?

Some of our training manikins are equipped with a blood circulation feature; this is one of the more advanced features that could prove useful during CPR class.

With a blood circulation feature, you can demonstrate how CPR influences the blood flow in a patient’s body. Even though you can demonstrate CPR with a normal manikin, the blood circulation feature allows for a more in-depth understanding of CPR and its effects. Therefore, training can become more advanced too.

What Is a CPR Manikin with Feedback System?

The blood circulation system we mentioned earlier is something that falls under the category of feedback system. However, there are other types of feedback systems too.

One of the additional feedback systems you can find with our manikins consists of a series of lights. The lights are coloured green, orange, and red, each conveying more information about the CPR technique used by the student.

The lights on the manikin feedback system allow for more detailed instruction, but also more autonomy on the student’s side of things. When you teach larger classes, it is always difficult to give each student the same amount of attention. However, when you have a manikin with a feedback system, your students can work by themselves without needing any intervention.

Are There Accessories and Other Extras for CPR Manikins?

There are specific accessories and extras for CPR training manikins. Each of these provide something extra to your training, so we have listed some common extras below.

Face Shields and Lung Bags

Face shields and lung bags are commonly used in combination with training manikins. Face shields provide a barrier between the manikin and the student, preventing cross contamination. Lung bags provide a similar function, but they also create a more realistic movement of the chest during CPR training.

AED Trainer

Another common extra that is combined with CPR training manikins is an automated external defibrillator trainer. This type of trainer simulates a genuine AED trainer, which is commonly found in public places and used to save the life of patients who have suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest.

Mentone Educational provides several automated external defibrillator trainers. We have some basic trainers, but also some more advanced versions. Check out some of our available options to get more familiar with their features and benefits.

Moulage Kits

CPR instructors could also consider a moulage kit for their CPR classes. Moulage kits are commonly used to make CPR training more realistic; this since a moulage kit can simulate wounds, abrasions, and injuries.

By preparing students better for genuine emergencies, it becomes less likely that the student in question will freeze when encountering an emergency. Moulage kits can make things a little more lifelike, so they are a good investment for experienced CPR instructors who want to make their training even more realistic.

Please note that moulage kits are not obligated in CPR training, it simply provides instructors with a way to make their training more realistic and prepare their students better. If you are a beginning CPR instructor, it is usually best to start with the basic manikin kit and expand on your supplies over time.

Where Can I Find More Information About a CPR Trainer Mentioned Here?

CPR trainers, manikins, and all other products available at Mentone Educational have their own product description page. If you want to find out more about a product, simply click on the product name to view the product description page.

Do you have a question about any of the products mentioned here today? Or need some advice for your CPR class supplies? Get in touch with Mentone Educational today!