Rescue Manikins


Developed for lifelike adult or juvenile patient handling, transportation, and extrication training, these models provide invaluable real-world experience in a variety of rescue scenarios. Ideal for firefighting, medical, military, search and rescue, surf lifesaving and patient handling practice, they allow students to put into practice the theory they’ve learned in environments that would be unsuitable or too dangerous for live volunteers.  

This realistic, fully articulated Rescue Randy is a full body manikin for victim rescue training simulation. Available in a variety of weights to suit different levels of training, the Rescue Randy family offers instructors a complete training solution, working students up from practicing the fundamentals with a lightweight model to accurately simulating a rescue with the 200-pound (90 kilogram) model. Rugged and reinforced rescue manikins are also offered for simulation in dangerous or rugged environments, ideal for firefighters and heavy industry.

Our rescue manikins are used widely in fire departments and state emergency services and are reinforced to be able withstand real life scenarios. The fire rescue manikins are available in normal and large body acorss different sizes and ages.

Mentone Educational also offers a large range of water rescue manikins for useage in student education, coast gaurd to learn the valubale skills of rescuing someone who is in danger or actually drowining. Our manikins also have the ability to have CPR performed on them 

The best for educators

Mentone Educational provides an extensive range of projects for educators in all fields. Whether you’re helping university students understand the human body with our anatomical charts or instructing people on the proper administration of CPR, our collection is sure to impress.

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